Intro to Lesson 6 – Residential Sanskrit Course

Where are we in our Sanskrit course so far? We're officially up to Lesson 2. Last official video everyone has gone through by now is lesson 1-2 revision.

What happens next time we meet physically in class? We go to Lesson 3.

What's the purpose of posting video Lesson 3-5? For the committed learners who have the time.

Do you have Lesson 6 for us? Yes. Go to the Australian National University, Lesson 6. It's by my teacher McComas Taylor.

Devanagari Practice: (for those who followed video lesson 3-5)

1) Kids friendly practice: Download, print and complete.

2) Advanced practice: Study Lesson 7, pg 68-71. Do exercises on pg 76.



You'll have more questions throughout the course. How to ask? Leave in comments below, so others can also benefit. I will respond in 48 hours. Only ask specific to Lesson.


Mailed June 5, 2020


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