This is collection of (all free) quality Advaita Vedānta resources – that can help you further in clarifying how to live, integrating and comprehending Non-Duality and Vision of Oneness.

Most resources are already on the homepage – with hundreds of videos for various Upaniṣads, scriptures and teachers.

Below should ONLY be attempted while already having gained sufficient Self-knowledge from your teacher/guru. Also valid if currently attending Vedānta classes by physical attendance. Here’s why

Otherwise, danger of self-study (before having ignorance removed by live teacher/guru) – is Absolute TRUTH unsuspectingly takes on flavor of one’s own ideas (happens 99% of time) – causing one to confidently feel “I got it!“. When infact the “getting” may be another relative version of the ABSOLUTE (Brahman).

Best resources which adhere to (1) Simplicity (2) Step-by-step structure:

  1. Free practical step-by-step Vedānta course. How to live it! Start and finish it – before moving onto next recommended resource #2 below.
  2. Vedanta course, fun quiz and thousands of pages of invaluable satsang writings. Owned by James Swartz who’s studied under Chinmaya, Dayananda and Paramarthananda.
  3. Lots of articles filled with knowledge of Oneness. It will compliment and add clarity to anything learned in #1/#2 above. Neema is a Dayananda disciple.
  4. Disciple of James Swartz. Dozens of explanations in plain English with advanced Vedānta terms.
  5. Advaita-Academy: Only videos of traditional teachers who strictly adhere to original method of expounding Self-Knowledge. Thus all are trustworthy teachers. No Neo-Advaita, half-truth-half-falsehood, Tony Parsons, Ken Wilber, Gangaji, Mooji, OSHO types!

Best resources for Vedānta Einstein’s, Sanskrit scholars and whose Intellect demands DETAILS:

  1. ArshaAvinash: Hundreds of books on non-dual Vedānta, technical manuals, Sanskrit grammar, etc. Devoted to Swami Dayananda Saraswati’s lineage. And his most prominent disciple Swami Paramarthananda. In my experience, both teachers are closest to Ādi Śaṅkarācārya’s method of teaching.
  2. Arsha Drishti (Sanskrit Tools | Classes | Chanting | Texts) : Swami Advayatmananda is a Dayananda disciple with detailed knowledge of Vedānta intricacies.
  3. Arsha Vidya UK: Swamini Atmaprakashananda is a Dayananda disciple. Hundreds of talks on various Upaniṣads, and articles teaching Traditional Vedānta.