Intro to Lesson 7 – Residential Sanskrit Course

Hi sanskrit learner,

If decided to engage in self-study, Lesson 7 is ready.

If haven't got that far and main focus is on devanagari practice, then print out and complete kid's workbook part 2.

Upon finishing Lesson 7, we can do this:

  • Write and read any word in devanagari.
  • Translate: “The teacher tells the student that the sun is not the moon”.
  • Translate: कुत्र सूर्यः चन्द्रः च भवतः इति बालः पृच्छति

If get stuck in anything, reply to email.

Again, noone is behind. Because we'll resume from Lesson 3 when meet in class, whether this year or next.



You'll have more questions throughout the course. How to ask? Leave in comments below, so others can also benefit. I will respond in 48 hours. Only ask specific to Lesson.


Mailed July 2, 2020


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