Yes Vedanta purpose is to preserve and share the original message of Advaita Vedānta sampradāya (tradition revived by Ādi Śaṅkarācārya) – by revealing the depth of their evergreen non-dual teachings contained in texts (sourced from last section of Vedas called jñāna-kāṇḍa) like: Upaniṣads, Bhagavad Gītā, Brahma Sūtras, Vivekacūḍāmaṇi, Nārada Bhakti Sūtra, Aparokṣānubhūtiḥ, Pañcadaśī, etc.

Advaita Vedanta doesn’t mix various theosophies. Because it’s methodology is complete and does not contradict opposing views or religions (since reality is the WHOLE – and nothing is excluded from the WHOLE) – despite other views not necessarily agreeing with Vedanta.

Content taught in class is based on Traditional Vedānta (100% in Sanskrit) by Adi Shankara, but simplifies it for those unfamiliar and uninterested in Sanskrit. However original essence is strictly preserved.

Teachings are based on lineage of: James Swartz (disciple of Chinmayananda), Chinmaya International Foundation, Neema Majmudar (disciple of Swami Dayananda) and Swami Dayananda (Arsha Vidya).

Basically a devoted, life-long student and teacher of Sanskrit and Vedānta. Immersed in Upaniṣad/Vedic/Purana texts 6-10 hours per day.

About Andre Vas (AV)

From Europe to South Africa, finally settling 2001 in Australia – door of financial, emotional and intellectual potential opened wide.

At age 17, I said “Yes please – show me how because I don’t know“.

At this stage self-help was intriguing, so was reselling goods for healthy profits. Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, Robert Kiyosaki and the likes were the hero’s.

However decent success up until 23 raised suspicion in form of inquiry. A gradual recognition of impermanence of money, friendship, intimacy, security, social status, self-help, ecstatic states of consciousness – was overwhelmingly noticeable.

I noticed there was no end or finality to anything performed or experienced… no matter how efficient, good-hearted or brilliant effort was invested into work and life.

Thus began endless inquiry:

self-enquiry-inquiry“ What is this strange feeling of finality I’m craving? What is finality? Finality to where? What is this end I’m seeking? End to what?

When will I stop (end) asking questions? How is it that I am aware of these question being asked? To whom are these questions directed?

Am I the one asking questions OR the awareness of the questions asked? If I am awareness, then WHO is doing the question-asking? How is it that I know of both entities simultaneously? Could I be both or just one or neither? Which one am I then! 

This sort of enquiry directed majority attention inwards whilst life continued outwards.

Hence began journey of seeking TRUTH. (Finality/end – as later discovered – means the end of the unresolved doubt every human is eventually confronted with to resolve, “What is my TRUE identity?” Until this is answered – nothing is ever enough.)

So next 10+ years, majority of day was invested into investigating, mastering and implementing hundreds of known methodologies, religions and instructions to “Knowing Thyself”.

Results was…

pursuit-of-spiritual-enlightenment-checklistPilgrimages explored, countries traveled, Sages seen, hundreds of hours reading, full lotus meditations, breathlessness achieved (nir-vikalpa samādhi), Ayahuasca, Cosmic Orgasms, Qigong, Kriyā Yoga, Chanting names of God, Prayers, Mantras, affirmations, hypnosis, etc…

All but another passing experience cultivating only the intellectual-ego quotient (aggrandizing Spiritual resume). Yet still Ignorant of WHO I AM… and awed by the words of the scriptures (Vedas, Bible, Kabbalah, Buddhists texts, etc) and wise sages of our time.

Then as it goes, when ignorant student has demonstrated enough zeal (IE: one’s every breath is ONLY for sake of Liberation; nothing else) – then teacher/guru crosses his-her path. It’s the same story heard in most biographies.

On Finding Your Guru
Yes, we have many teachers amidst the Spiritual journey. However there is that ONE guru who after which – vision of ABSOLUTE Truth (Ātman / Sākṣī / Brahman) is revealed in it’s TOTALITY – from whence nothing or noone else can supplement that vision from that point onwards.

Yes, other teacher(ing) may compliment this non-dual vision of Wholeness, but it still won’t ever replace the vision imparted by that one guru. Not even the highest Avatars can add anything of significant value from that point onwards.

Metaphor: Upon “wheel” knowledge and it’s purpose being realized, what more is there to say about “wheel”? Buddha, Jesus (or some Ascended master in a different dimension) – can’t teach anything more about a wagon wheel then a drunk. A wheel is a wheel!

Noone can claim they know wheel better or less then another (Unless one is projecting own idea onto it – which does NOT affect the wheel). Wheel KNOWLEDGE is universally understood and agreed by all.

Until such guru-teacher is found who reveals Unchanging Universal KNOWLEDGE behind all Relative-Changing Knowledge – interest in different philosophies/systems will endlessly continue. Always looking for more, motivated by silent DOUBT and HESITATION… expressed as continued knowledge acquisition (“I want to know what else!”).

And so it was…

After Vedanta teachings by my guru James Swartz – and sticking with the program (meaning self-inquiring in light of the teaching)… Self-Knowledge was-is firmly and permanently established without again sporadically confusing Myself with what I am NOT. No more lights going on-off.

The uncomfortable pressure of seeking, sage-fascination, concerns to improve, desires for worldly accomplishments, Love-validation from others, intimidation by authority-gurus, fear of ‘not-becoming’, worries of dying-rebirth, motivation for connection/intimacy… thankfully dissolved.

None of “it” was/is mine to begin with. “I” is free of Creation/experience.

From “THIS” point of view, it is amusing that the simplest and most sublime is missed. Ironically, it is seemingly the hardest to figure out. Why?..

Imagine trying to describe to a 3 year old boy why it’s right to share with his sister. Good luck! Student-child’s capacity isn’t ready to accept nor fully comprehend.

Thus, teacher-parent continues loving and educating… contributing to student-child’s comprehension.


One day, sharing is the new normal for the adult and gains much joy from giving. Who then is grateful he/she succeeded because of (1) right knowledge imparted by teacher-parent, and (2) willingness to LISTEN and CONTEMPLATE constantly on the knowledge.

Hence Yes Vedanta purpose is to educate the student’s mind in light of the highest knowledge (brahmavidyā). Thus establishing clarity of (a) who-what you are (satya; non-changing), (b) who-what you are not (mithyā; changing), and (c) not confusing a and b.

When distinction of a and b is absolutely clear… the final Reality (Brahman or Consciousness: Vedic | Father: Christian | Emptiness: Buddhism) is directly comprehended as NOT apart from a nor b. Meaning…

All is Consciousness. And YOU are THAT (tat tvam asi).

This is the highest purpose-accomplishment of human life.

Maybe we’ll meet someday.

In Service to Lord,



Random pictures with Vedānta teachers:

uttiṣṭhata. jāgrata. prāpya varān nibodhata
“Arise! Awaken! And Realize the Truth!”
– Kathopanisad 1.3.14