Bhagavad Gita In Light of Non-Duality & Basic Self-Inquiry into Your Existence (1)

Lesson 1 of our Advaita Vedanta Nondualism Course starts with the Bhagavad Gītā story between inner-war of good/evil or spirit/matter within every human being (Pāṇḍavas/Kauravas).

When Arjuna loses his resolve, unable to stand up to his duty – then Kṛṣṇa begins teaching him (you, the student) brahmavidyā (Self-Knowledge).

Program is taught in context of traditional non-dual Advaita Vedānta vision of Oneness.We also use various Upaniṣad verses for complimentary explanations.

Program quickly accelerates by week 30+ from simple English to frequent Sanskrit usage. Thus judge not the initial intentional simplicity. Program stretches the pinnacle of human's intellect/mind.

ABOUT Bhagavad Gītā:

The Bhagavad Gītā is perhaps the most important text in Vedānta.  It’s one of the three main source texts. Upaniṣads and Brahma Sūtras being the other two.

It draws its main ideas from the Upaniṣads. It encompasses; Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Jñāna Yoga. It is a dharma-śāstra  (how to live in harmony) and mokṣa-śāstra (how to ‘attain' liberation and free oneself from saṃsāra).

Bhagavad Gītā deals with the relationship between ACTION and KNOWLEDGE, so it’s got everything a human being could ask for his/her spiritual journey and accelerated growth.  For this reason, the Gītā remains an eternal-evergreen text.

(These are ongoing classes in Melbourne, Australia. Attendance details here. )


Download “Essence of Vedanta” manual we'll be using in class.

30 April 2018



  1. Thank you Andre for giving this teachings.

    Its amazing, more a miracle that I push on abutton on the computer and get answers about Maya and the Self.

    I am searching for a long time (Ignoring the awareness that I am). Ofcourse there’s a kind of heavyness on the road but it is amzing to realize that help and support is always available. Like the teachings that you give. It feels like a perfect planning of the wholeness. I regular view the video’s of Rupert Spira, Mooije and others and the pointers they give brought me closer to the Truth.
    So I look forward to your teaching. Again thanks for your affort to feel no affort.

    Grtz Carlo Sletering

    The Netherlands.

    1. Indeed. Much proper guidance always been available throughout Vedas, yet ironically only really available when sincere listener is ready to listen.

  2. this is a gem! deep gratitude to Andre and his teachers!
    I am without words….

    Panagiota (Pam) Karouni

  3. Starting watching your videos my friend. Really glad to find your website, so much wisdom in here.
    I’m always have web classes with Arlindo Nagar. 😀

  4. Such a blessing to have this available.
    Thank you beloved
    Is there any chance of a download of the chart you have on easel.
    Thank you thank you thank you ??

  5. Namaste Andre
    I have enrolled for the Sanskrit classes starting March 01. I have just come across the Gita satsang sessions. Do they start next Tuesday or have you already started the program and if so is it still okay to attend next Tuesday!

    Many thanks Niranjan

  6. Thanks for the teaching,
    An interesting start to learn Gita,
    Try to catching up on videos before the zoom classes:-)

  7. Hi Andre,
    Thankyou for the great teachings. You’re the Krishna to Us. So grateful to have this knowledge. Thanks again and stay blessed 🙂
    Vishalbir Thind

  8. Dear Andre,
    I’m glad that I literally stumbled across your site and just watched the first teaching of the Gita. Your teachings have helped to dispel some confusion I had after recently beginning to explore Vedanta, having explored Buddhist philosophy for some years. I look forward to watching the remaining recordings and join the live sessions in the future.
    Thank you for this “sath kriya” and may you teachings enlighten many souls.

  9. My deep gratitude to Andre! I am speechless. For me, you are the Krishna. Thank you so much!

    Soo from Los Angeles

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