Tattva Bodha - Preliminary Text of Vedanta

Residential program running for about 20 weeks. (Currently paused until further notice..)

Tattvabodha presents all important Sanskrit terms and provides detailed explanations of them. They need to be known before diving into the 3 major texts Bhagavad Gītā, Brahma Sūtra and Upaniṣads -  which comprise the essence of non-duality (Advaita Vedānta).

Download PDF of Tattva Bodha book used in class. (Copyright: PDF is only for students. May not be shared. Consider buying physical copy to show respect to publisher).

1 – Tattva Bodha (Introduction to Advaita Vedanta): Vedas and Upanishads

February 22, 2020

Summary: Discourse 1 looks into word word Vedanta. What is “veda” & “anta”? What is ultimate goal of Veda? How to prove Vedas? Are Vedas matter of belief? What are two portions of Vedas? Who…

2 – Tattva Bodha (Intro to Vedanta): Origin of Vedas & Anubandha-chatushtaya

March 8, 2020

Summary: Discourse 2 speaks of Vedas origin. If they're not from the mind, how did they come? What is role of Bhagavad Gita and Brahma-Sutra, in Vedanta? What type of text is Tattva Bodha? Importance…

3 – Tattva Bodha: Sadhana Chatushtaya & Nitya-Anitya Viveka

March 22, 2020

Summary: Discourse 3 speaks about first two important qualifications (discrimination & dispassion). Both are needed by adhikari (desirious of moksha) to establish absolute clarity of reality. Method of differentiating (actual technique) reality is introduced briefly…