Nisargadatta MaharajQ: If there is no such thing as the knowledge of the real, then how do I reach it? M: You need not reach out for what is already with you. Your very reaching out makes you miss it. Give up the idea that you have not found it and just let it come into the focus of direct perception, here and now, by removing all that is of the mind.

Nisargadatta Maharaj

Yoga Vasiṣṭha Reference Materials:

Video/Audio Lectures

Swami Anubhavananda
6 classes on Chapter 1 (~75 mins each)

Yoga Vasistha (Ch-1)Talk 2 of 6 @ Melbourne 2016 (English) 0891 NR YTC

Swami Anubhavananda
8 classes on Chapter 3 (~70 mins each)

Yoga Vashistha (surg 3)Talk 2 of 8 @ UK retreat 2016 (English)20160528 103156 YTC

Swami Anubhavananda
5 classes on Chapter 5 (~70 mins each)

Yoga Vasistha Sarg-5 Suchiaakhyan 2 of 5 @ San Jose 2016 (English)20160712 190915 NR YT

Swami Anubhavananda
4 classes on Bhargava Charitra (~70 mins each)

Yoga Vasistha-Bhargava charitra 2 of 4 @ Sydney 2017(English)20170411 194343 NR YT

Swami Anubhavananda
6 classes on Suraghu Story (~70 mins each)

Yoga Vaisitha Suraghu story 2 of 6 @ Goa 2018(English)20180110 064051 YT

Swami Ishwarananda
7 classes (~80 mins each)

Yoga Vasistha - 2-2

Swami Tattvavidananda
11 classes (search for "Yoga Vasistha" on the linked page)