What is saṃsāra?

samsara wheel of life - advaita vedanta

saṃsāra is limitation one experiences and caused by not knowing difference between REAL (Self) and UNREAL (Not-Self).

A saṃsārī seeks freedom in the world through acquisition (beauty,  Spiritual experiences, knowledge, wealth, fame, success) – and enjoyment of those acquired objects.

Thus “acquire + enjoy the acquired” summarizes life of every individual born in past, present and future, whose under spell of ignorance; believing “I” is body-mind.

Nothing is wrong nor right about saṃsāra. Only that it has an inherent limitation of endless pain/pleasure cycle.

EG: Pleasure upon making love, pain upon tension. Please upon hired, pain upon fired. Pleasure upon feeling energetic/clear, discomfort upon feeling tired/dull. Pleasure upon security, pain upon uncertainty. This is life of saṃsāra. One can't neither lose nor win.

Spiritual world is not exempt from saṃsāra, it's just more sophisticated/subtle form of it.

Notice the symbolic image above. It's round. Meaning there's no beginning/ending point of samsara. Also each segment of the wheel has a different life/situation.

Thus samsara is beginingless combinations of life/situation experiences.

Saṃsāra continues until one dis-identfies self from false body-mind “I” (ahamkara) and re-identifies self with original “I” (Ātman). How? This is gradually unfolded in weekly classes as it's simply not possible to properly unfold in writing nor video (only to be used as revision to physical classes).

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