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If You Enjoy What You Do, Life Is Very Simple

Dharma VS. Samsara

Living does not simply mean dragging oneself around from day to day – from bed to work, back home and to bed again. The whole process repeats itself until the weekend comes. Then one drags oneself to some recreation in the hope of forgetting oneself – which is why recreation becomes so important. This is…

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James Swartz Interviews, Review & Critique on Vedanta and Non-Duality

james swartz advaita vedanta non-duality

This page is meant to honestly present my experience learning from James Swartz. It’s also a collection of various interviews (Q & A) on practical use and correct method of Vedanta application as means to moksha (Liberation)… through proper self-enquiry. Expect not here bashing nor glorification. James Swartz is an author of “How to Attain…

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