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The Knower, a Self-Conscious Being – Part 5


Students were introduced orders of reality in Part 4 – which has now sparked doubts. So one of students asks… “Do you mean to say we have no independent being? That neither my mind nor body has any real feeling? Am I just an illusion, imagining a real existence?” You are neither an illusion, nor…

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Reconciling Orders of Reality and Oneness – Part 4


In last sentence of Part 3, teacher briefly introduced two new terms ” subjective” and “empirical” orders of reality. This begins to explain how we can have “orders of reality” when all is actually One… Student asks “When you talk of orders of reality? Where is the question of One?” Yes, the term orders may…

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What is Subjective Perception? – Part 3

subjectivity objectivity in advaita vedanta

In last sentence of Part 2, the teacher concluded with an important concept in Vedanta “orders of reality“. But didn’t explain… Now the inquiring Vedantic student asks, “What do you mean by order of reality? Can reality have orders and differences?” We have a personal subjective reality. When we perceive something… we superimpose values, emotions,…

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What is Real and Not-Real? – Part 2


Part 1 needs to be understood for this part to make sense. Student posed a question “What is real and what is not real? How do you decide their status?” In the world, entropy is the rule. Change is the constant. People, emotions, objects, and living things… with or without our knowing… every moment they change. How…

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12 Spiritual Practices (Sadhanas) from Bhagavad Gita

Spiritual practices sadhanas from bhagavad gita

Lord Krisna (Śrī Kṛṣṇa) in Bhagavad Gita Chapter 4, mentions 12 types of powerful spiritual sadhana’s (spiritual practices) one can choose to purify one’s mind. Their end result (karma-phala) can be compared to washing a dirty car (mind) with a hose (sādhana). Yes, the car will attract new dirt sooner or later the more it…

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Why a Wise Person Won’t Argue Against an Ignorant Person

What a wise person (Jñāni) knows directly – can be summarized in below Ādi Śaṅkarācārya’s words. Which is why there is NO GAIN for a jñāni to argue or defend themselves – when challenged by criticism of an ignorant Jīva (person who identifies “I” with Body-Mind complex): brahma satyaṁ jagan-mithyā jivo brahmaiva nāparaḥ anena vedyaṁ…

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Real vs. Unreal: How to ‘Get Out’ of Maya’s Crocodile Jaws

Here’s an example how Māyā works and how innocently one gives absolute reality to mere appearance… What is this?…   Got it? If said “Table”, that’s correct. Suppose you didn’t, why didn’t you say “wood”? After all it is just wood that looks like a table because of it’s 4 legs attached to a rectangular…

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