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What is Subjective Perception? – Part 3

subjectivity objectivity in advaita vedanta

In last sentence of Part 2, the teacher concluded with an important concept in Vedanta “orders of reality“. But didn’t explain… Now the inquiring Vedantic student asks, “What do you mean by order of reality? Can reality have orders and differences?” We have a personal subjective reality. When we perceive something… we superimpose values, emotions,…

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What is Real and Not-Real? – Part 2


Part 1 needs to be understood for this part to make sense. Student posed a question “What is real and what is not real? How do you decide their status?” In the world, entropy is the rule. Change is the constant. People, emotions, objects, and living things… with or without our knowing… every moment they change. How…

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‘I’ – The Subtlest of the Subtlest

Bhagavad-Gītā says that we have five sense organs of knowledge (seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling, tasting); these are very subtle. Example: Organ of seeing is a lot more subtle then the physical instrument of seeing; eye. More subtle than the sense organ is the Mind. Subtler than the mind is the Intelligence. Subtler than these is…

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