Ramana MaharshiYou are That, here and now.… That is the master key for solving all doubts. The doubts arise in the mind. The mind is born of the ego. The ego rises from the Self. Search the source of the ego and the Self is revealed. That alone remains.

Ramana Maharshi

Svāmī Tattvavidananda
From Swami Dayananda (Arsha Vidya Lineage)

Video/Audio Lectures

Brahma Sūtras

Adhyasa Bhashyam or Shankara's Intro to Brahma Sutras
14 classes (search for "Adhyasa Bhasyam" on the linked page)

Advanced Texts

Advaita Makaranda
7 classes (search for "Advaita_Makaranda" on the linked page)

Ātma Bodha
7 classes (search for "Atmabodha" on the linked page)

Vedānta Dindima
102 classes (search for "Vedanta Dindima" on the linked page)

Vedānta Dindima - Synopsis
16 classes (~60 mins each)

Vedanta Dindima-part2

7 classes (~90 mins each)

Viveka Chudamani Class 2 San Francisco Bay area Aug. 2012 Swami Tattvavidananda Saraswathi

Complimentary Texts

Aṣṭāvakra Samhita
7 classes (search for "Ashtavakra_Samhita" on the linked page)

Yoga Vasiṣṭha
11 classes (search for "Yoga Vasistha" on the linked page)