‘I’ – The Subtlest of the Subtlest

Bhagavad-Gītā says that we have five sense organs of knowledge (seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling, tasting); these are very subtle.

Example: Organ of seeing is a lot more subtle then the physical instrument of seeing; eye.

More subtle than the sense organ is the Mind.

Subtler than the mind is the Intelligence.

Subtler than these is the vital breath.

Even more subtle is your general sense of Aliveness. Sense of Existence. Sense of “I AM”.

Yet the subtlest of the subtlest is the non-participating, non-interfering, not-verbalized, illuminating knowledge – because of which even the “I AM” is known.

It is THE SILENCE because of which both sound and lack of sound (silence) is Known.

It it that which makes it possible to accurately report Nothingness, silence, no thoughts.


It is NOT Nothingness.

It is NOT absolute silence (lack of physical sound).

It is NOT No-thought.

It is the (uncommunicative, imperceptive) KNOWER prior to the (communicative, perceptive) Knower, Known and Knowing.

This is called “paramātma” or Brahman or Existence. The true “I”.

– I know I exist. How do you know this?
– I hear sound. How do you know this?
– I experience silence, no-thoughts. How do you know this?
– I am in a ecstatic state of bliss. How do you know this?
– I am enlightened. How do you know this?
– I am ignorant. How do you know this?

You know this because: You Exist.

And whatever is within Existence (silence, sorrow, joy, emotion, thought) – is instantly known to you. Is it not?

Even if you said “No“; that's another thought which appeared in Existence (YOU). Which was instantly known to you.

Meaning, Existence (sat) IS Consciousness (chit).

For example, it is impossible for you to deny, right now, that you are Conscious of your Existence.

In fact, it is self-evident to you.

Your Existence-Consciousness needs not be affirmed, nor chanted.

Nobody needs to tell you that you Exist or that you are Conscious.

Even Christ, Krishna or Buddha would sound goofy explaining what you already helplessly and unceasingly know about, “I Exist”.

Existence is your Identity.

Existence (Brahman) can not be objectified. Because it is always one step prior to the doer of the Objectification.

You can not get out of Existence. Because YOU ARE EXISTENCE.

It's matter of accepting this simple truth about you, born out of understanding Reality through consistent contemplation of Vedānta.

– Andre (AV)

P.S. There's nothing novel or exciting about Existence (contrary to amateur Spiritual world adoring Enlightenment as some eternal blissful-peaceful experience).

This is why seekers are always chasing experiential yogic states, Kundalini raising, 3rd eye vision. How do you know about this state? 🙂

It always goes back to your simple Existence. Abide and adore in your Existence as Existence.

This is what a wise person (jñāni) knows. After periods of practice through self-inquiry, you'll realize there is nothing more beautiful then YOU.

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  1. „It always goes back to your simple Existence. Abide and adore in your Existence as Existence.“
    This is the greatest miracle 🙂

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