Lesson 66: Sanskrit for Beginners Course: Periphrastic Future


CH24. Periphrastic Future.

Source: Introduction to Sanskrit (4th Ed) – Thomas Egenes – Part Two

Session deals with: VOL2, L24, PG 112-115

Periphrastic future:

  • Exactly same as simple future (IE: He/she/it will VERB). Used less often then simple future.
  • Comparison Example:
Eng: Simple Future (sfut)
Periphrastic (pfut)
He will remember smariṣyati  स्मरिष्यति smartā  स्मर्ता
  • How to form?
    • [ guṇa of √root  tā  ता  /  itā  इता  ]    +    [  asti ending  except 3rd person, which takes endings of LRB19/20 ]
    • EG: I will go
      • √smṛ  स्मृ 1P  smar  स्मर्   smar  स्मर्ता   +  asmi  अस्मि   =  smarsmi  स्मर्तास्मि
  • PARADIGM:  He/she/it will go   (V2PG113)
I will go, You will go, He/she/it will go
  • Good news: Same endings for all 10 verb classes, whether Ā/P.
  • Examples:  More in V2PG114
English:  (First 3 most common. Others rarely seen.) Periphrastic Future
He will do Kar    सेविता
He will go Gan    गन्ता
He will give       दाता
He will serve Sevitā   सेविता
He will smile Sme   स्मेता
He will see Draṣṭā    द्रष्टा
She will play Devitā    देविता
She will establish Sthā   स्थाता
She will enjoy Ran    रन्ता
She will think Man   मन्ता


  • PG 107: Figure out what verse is saying.
    • Step 1: Brake down sandhi.
    • Step 2: Write Eng word above.
    • Step 3: Put it together.
    • Step 4: Compare to original.
  • PG 114-115: Write out 10 sentences, including various Periphrastic future words. Use various cases/number for familiarity.


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Recorded 20 March, 2022


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