Lesson 64: Sanskrit for Beginners Course: Nouns ending in -in


CH23. Nouns ending in -in

Source: Introduction to Sanskrit (4th Ed) – Thomas Egenes – Part Two

Session deals with: VOL2, L23, PG 92-95

Suffix -in:

  • Just like mat/vat (L19), it indicates: Possessing THAT NOUN
  • Acts as ADJ (to describe another noun). But can also be used as a NOUN.
  • EG:
    • bhaga + vat = bhagavat   भगवत्     : Possessing glory / Glorious.
    • daṇḍa + in   = daṇḍin       दण्डिन्     : Possessing a stick (adj) / Recluse (noun)
  • COMPARING (mat-mant/vat-vant मत्-मन्त्/वत्-वन्त्)  AND  (-in  -इन्) :
English: mat-mant / vat-vant -in
Boys are (possessed of happiness). bālāḥ sukhavantaḥ santi
बालाः सुखवन्तः सन्ति
sukhinaḥ santi
सुखिनः सन्ति
  • FORMULA: noun_stem + in इन्  > decline per LRB26/27
  • Since FEM paradigm isn't included in LRB, here it is (or see here):


  • RULES:
    • Remove final vowel (if present). EG: aśva + in (sfix)  = aśvin.   अश्व + इन् = अश्विन्
    • If noun ends in -as -अस्, add vin/min  विन्/मिन्. EG:
      • tapas तपस्   = tapasvin  तपस्विन्      : possessing austerity
      • tejas  तेजस्   = tajasvin   तजस्विन्     : possessing light.
  • Example:
  Original Stem (-in, ADJ) mas. fem.rare neuter
Word: aśva अश्व aśvin  अश्विन् aśvī   अश्वी aśvinī  अश्विनी aśvi  अश्वि
Meaning: Horse
  1. Possessing a horse
  2. One who possesses a horse is called: Charioteer.
< same < same < same
Paradigm: LRB1   LRB26 LRB11 LRB27
  • More Examples:
Noun  (stem) Adj (stem) If turned into a noun, formula is:
One who possesses __, is likely a __.
* Below are all MAS/NOM.
daṇḍa   दण्ड (mas):     stick daṇḍin    दण्डिन्      :  Possessing a stick daṇḍī    दण्डी    : Recluse
manīṣā मनीषा (fem): wisdom manīṣin  मनीषिन्    : Possessing wisdom manīṣī  मनीषी  : Wise person
pakṣa   पक्ष (mas):      wing pakṣin     पक्षिन्        :  Possessing wings pakṣī     पक्षी     : Bird
kāma   काम (mas):   desire kāmin     कामिन्       :  Possessing desires kāmī      कामी   : Desirer
yoga    योग  (mas):    union yogin       योगिन्       Possessing yoga yogī       योगी     : Yogi  (mas, nom)
yoginī  योगिनी   : Yogi (fem, nom)
bala      बल  (n):         strength balin        बलिन्       Possessing strength balī        बली     : bull
śaśa     शश  (mas):     rabbit śaśin       शशिन्       Possessing a rabbit śaśī        शशी     : moon
hasta   हस्त (mas):    hand hastin    हस्तिन्       Possessing a hand (trunk) hastī      हस्ती    : elephant


  • PG 84: Cover English. Attempt to translate 2.51.
  • PG 86-89: Read at own pace.
  • PG 100: Study the vocab.
  • PG 101: Do exercises 6 a-h.


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Recorded 27 Feb, 2022


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