Lesson 42: Sanskrit for Beginners Course


Intro to CH17.

Source: Introduction to Sanskrit (4th Ed) – Thomas Egenes – Part One

This session deals with: CH17, pg 220-221.


  • Skip pg 220. Rather go to table on pg 126 for sandhi rules for words ending in ” त् “.

Grammar: Nouns ending in:  ṛ 

  • New paradigms for stems ending in ṛ ऋ, are in LRB 18-21.
    • Please note, all stems ending in ṛ ऋ, are subject to strong/weak/middle forms, as explained in lesson 37.
  • RULE when creating compounds:
    • If first member STEM ends in ṛ ऋ, then replace it with ā आ.   (Although some stems ignore this rule).
    • EG: Mother and father.
      • ✗ INCORRECT: mātpitarau  मातृपितरौ
      • ✓ CORRECT: mātāpitarau   मातापितरौ


  • Familiarize with new verse: Like a Mother
  • Say out loud, new paradigm words on LRB 18-21.
  • Create 10 sentences using words on LRB 18-21.


You'll have more questions throughout the course. How to ask? Leave in comments below, so others can also benefit. We'll respond within 48 hours. Only ask specific to this Lesson.


Recorded 25 July, 2021


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