Lesson 35: Sanskrit for Beginners Course: Prefixes + Imperfect


Entire CH14. New spoken Sanskrit. Using Sandhi in LRB. Verbal prefixes. Imperfect (past tense). New verbs.

Source: Introduction to Sanskrit (4th Ed) – Thomas Egenes – Part One

This session deals with: CH14, pg 182-191.

Verb Prefix:

  • Subtly modifies verb meaning.
    • English EG: receive, perceive
    • Sanskrit EG:
      • ā आ : motion towards, return, to [some object].
        • Same as Eng: Adventure (towards a venture).
        • ā + gacchati = āgacchati  गच्छति   : He comes.
      • prati  प्रति  : back to, against.
        • prati + gacchati = pratigacchati  प्रतिगच्छति   : He returns, He goes back.
  • Verb prefix can also be used front of nouns, but rarely seen. It's mostly seen front of verbs.
  • Most verb prefixes change meaning of verb, but only a little. Few verb prefixes change the meaning entirely.
    • EG: avagacchati  अवगच्छति  : He goes down, He understands.
  • Subject to sandhi.
  • Verb prefix before gerund? Then end gerund with -ya -य, and NOT -tvā -त्वा.
    • EG: ā आ  +  √gam गम्  =  āgatya आगत्य  (Having come)  VS.  √gam गम्  = gatvā गत्वा (Having gone)
  • Verb prefix determines if verb takes Paramaipada or Ātmanepada ending. Dictionary will tell.

Imperfect (past tense):

  • What is it?
    • Past tense. Formed from present stem (EG: gaccha गच्छ, manya मन्य). Has a अ before stem. Has own set of endings [found here Garden PG4 (45, 46 / 53, 54)].
    • Parasmaipada:
      • a अ  STEM   P [ Garden PG4 (45, 46) ]
      • EG:  a     +  vada वद         +   t  त्       =  avadat वदत्        : He spoke/said.
    • Ātmanepada:
      • a अ  STEM   Ā [ Garden PG4 (53, 54) ]
      • EG:  a    +  bhāṣa भाष     +   ta अत   =  abhāṣata भाष  : He spoke/said.

Verb Prefix Imperfect:

  • We learned that verb prefix slightly modifies meaning of verb. EG: pratigacchati प्रतिगच्छति (He returns). But what if we want to make pratigacchati प्रतिगच्छति into an imperfect (He returned)? Then apply formula below…
    • verb prefix    +   a    +  stem    +   imperfect ending
  • Example:
    • prati प्रति  +   a    +  gaccha गच्छ    +    t त्           :  pratyagacchat  प्रत्यगच्छत्     (She returned)
    • ā       आ    +   a    +  gaccha गच्छ    +   am अम्    āgaccham          आगच्छम्      (I came)
  • Examples (mixing verb prefix and imperfect. All new verbs are on PG191):
Rāma brought flowers for Sītā. rāmaḥ puṣpāni senāyai ānayat  रामः पुष्पानि सेनायै नयत्
Army protected the men from suffering. senā duḥkāt narān agopāyat  सेना दुःकात् नरान् गोपायत्
I drank the water of immortality. aham amṛtasya jalam apibam  अहं मृतस्य जलं अपिबम्
Sage knows about the knowledge which brings happiness. > Which knowledge brings happiness, that sage knows. yat jñānam sukham ānayati tat ṛṣiḥ bodhate  यत् ज्ञानं सुखं नयति तत् ऋषिः बोधते
The girl approaches the boy and asks for a book. kanyā bālam upagacchati pustakāya ca pṛcchati  कन्या बालं उपगच्छति पुस्तकाय च पृच्छति



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Recorded 16 May, 2021


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