Lesson 22: Sanskrit for Beginners Course


No new grammar. Discussion about learning environment. Group work.

Source: Introduction to Sanskrit (4th Ed) – Thomas Egenes – Part One


How to type letters with diacritics? See KeySwap.


Learning Environment:

  • Most language learning time doesn't go into learning, but searching for references. This diminishes productivity and wastes time. Even a Word Document takes time scrolling to find the reference.
  • How to correct? Here's example of conductive Sanskrit learning environment:
Andre's Sanskrit Cockpit. Helps immerse oneself into the learning by making it all available infront. Sample of sandhi Word document.
  • Idea is to put as many references as possible (long as eyes can see form a distance) on a single sheet of paper. Print out. Then keep it upright.
    • Arrange the decks in logical order so brain is trained to look in right direction immediately.
  • iPad for writing. Using Paperlike 2 screen cover to give it paper-like feel.
  • iPhone dictionary application is open all times to quickly search for unrecognized words.


  • Regarding dictionary, have 2 choices:
    • Flashcards Deluxe REVIEW: Can manually enter words learned in Excel, then import into application via their website. Example…
Entering words manually is Andre's preferred learning method because helps brain memorize.


    • SanKosha Sanskrit Dictionary REVIEW (iOS / Android): After years of desiring decent dictionary on phone + paradigms (for nouns/verbs), these folks have delivered.
Devanāgarī script in options. Multiple dictionaries. No need to type diacritics. Auto-suggest. Declensions for nouns/adj. Conjugation for verbs. For English > Sanskrit, tap icon top-right.


Andre's settings. (1) Monier is #1. Keeps it short & accurate. (2) Macdonell is like a thesaurus. (3) Apte's explanations are extended. Never used. (4) Spoken Sanskrit is useful only when other dictionaries give vague meanings.



  • Homework:

    • PG 104: Monkey and the Crocodile.
      • Only see answers back of book once it's complete.


You'll have more questions throughout the course. How to ask? Leave in comments below, so others can also benefit. We'll respond within 48 hours. Only ask specific to this Lesson.


Recorded 20 Dec, 2020



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