Lesson 19: Sanskrit for Beginners Course: Vocabulary + Games


New vocab. Fun games.

Source: Introduction to Sanskrit (4th Ed) – Thomas Egenes – Part One



  • Student / teacher convo at start:
    • Teacher:
      • pranāmāḥ suprabhātam vargaḥ    प्रनामाः सुप्रभातम् वर्गः  (Respectfully. Morning class.)
      • adya navāḥ śabdāḥ paṭhāmaḥ    अद्य नवाः शब्दाः पठामः (Today new words we learn.)
      • upaviśantu    उपविशन्तु  (Sit)
      • śubhākāṅkṣāḥ   शुभाकाङ्क्षाः  (Good wishes to all.)
    • Student can reply:
      • praṇāmaḥ adyāpakaḥ suprabhātam    प्रणामः अद्यापकः सुप्रभातम्  (Respectfully teacher. Morning.)
    • Teacher:
      • gaṇānām kurmaḥ    गणानाम् कुर्मः (Counting we-all-do.)
      • ekam, dve, trīni, catvāri, pañca, ṣaṭ, sapta, aṣṭa, nava, daśa   एकम्, द्वे, त्रीनि, चत्वारि, पञ्च, षट्, सप्त, अष्ट, नव, दश
      • viparītaḥ kṛpaya    विपरीतः कृपय  (Opposite please.)
  • Goodbye end of class:
    • Teacher:
      • vargaḥ samāptaḥ sādhyayantu   वर्गः समाप्तः साध्ययन्तु   (Class over. All may leave.)
      • śubhākāṅkṣāḥ   शुभाकाङ्क्षाः  (Good wishes to all.)
    • Student:
      • dhanyavādaḥ punar milāmaḥ   धन्यवादः पुनर् मिलामः   (Thank you. Until meet again.)
      • adhyāpaka sādhayāmi  अध्यापक साधयामि    (O Teacher. I take leave.)
  • Then session was building confidence in paradigm and group work.


  • REMINDER: Chapter 8 onwards is transition from dependence on roman letters to देवनागरी. Next 1 month is last opportunity to double our devanāgarī confidence. Else course is hardly progressable. How to double confidence? Start writing out previous exercises from roman to देवनागरी. 30 min writing per day for 1 week = 80% confidence for life.
  • Improvise Spoken Sanskrit 8.
  • Memorize new vocab on pg 93 (they'll be used in exercises).
  • Exercises on Pg 94:
    • 2 (a-j)
      • Combine words using vowel sandhi chart.
      • EG: iti atra = ityatra > write in devanāgarī: इत्यत्र
    • 3 (a-j)
      • Break apart sandhi words.
      • EG: नृपस्याश्वः = नृपस्य अश्वः
    • 5 (a-h)


You'll have more questions throughout the course. How to ask? Leave in comments below, so others can also benefit. We'll respond within 48 hours. Only ask specific to this Lesson.

Recorded 29 Nov, 2020

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