Lesson 1: Residential Sanskrit Course
For the not-so busy:

Lesson 1 – 6 Months Residential Sanskrit Language Learning Course

For the busy:

Lesson 1 – Sanskrit Bustop Summaries (Thomas Egenes & Andre Vas)


What's covered: First 6 vowels in devanāgarī. How verb formed. Verbs √gam, √prach. Word for “and”. And how to make basic sentence.

Source: Introduction to Sanskrit (4th Ed) – Thomas Egenes – Part One

Resources for entire course:

  • Textbook PDF file used in class. It is 3rd Ed. (Copyright: Book is by Thomas Egenes. To support his work, consider buying one of his books.)
  • Sanskrit Verses download.
  • Spoken Sanskrit download.
  • How to pronounce each letter of Sanskrit alphabet: text | audio.
  • Windows software to type Roman characters with diacritics (EG: ṇ, ñ, ḍ, ś, ṣ, etc).
  • Table of various encodings to write sanskrit.

Guidelines for entire course:

  • Create a plan which incorporates at least 3-10 hours per week for homework and memorization. Each class will revise the previous.
  • You're expected to go through the exercises in the book – before coming to next class. Answers are also end of book.
    • If busy life, then at least do half.
    • If still busy, then at least do quarter.


  1. Verse: On Practice
  2. Spoken Sanskrit: Week 1
  3. Devanāgarī practice sheet for week 1. (a, ā, u, ū, i, ī)
    • Rule: Left-to-right. Top-to-bottom. Roof last.
  4. Ensure know how to pronounce 6 vowel letters: text | audio.
  5. Do exercises in book.


You'll have more questions throughout the course. How to ask? Leave in comments below, so others can also benefit. I will respond in 72 hours. Only ask specific to Lesson.


Recorded 1 March, 2020


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  1. Jay Kamizi on September 26, 2020 at 9:57 pm

    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity dear teacher.
    My name is Jay Kamizi, i am leaving in Sweden but i am from Brazil.
    My question is: i just found out your course on this week and i started to study today 26- 08-20.
    Is that ok? I will do the 6 months course, but i am wondering if when you finish the 6 months current class, all the material is going to be offline, and in this case i am at beginning of the course still.
    Thanks, have a blissful day.

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