Sanskrit Garden of Paradigms — Declension Tables
Nominal and Verb Declensions for Students

Sanskrit Declensions, Conjugations, Endings

Garden consists of every possible combination of declensions/conjugations for nouns and verbs (covering Classic and Vedic Sanskrit). Includes instant sandhi lookup charts. Word parts and sandhi are colorized for legibility. 

The Garden was made to be the only reference guide, assuming it's supplemented by the Fancy Grammar Table.

Inspired by “Little Red Book” by Prof. McComas Taylor, my first Sanskrit teacher.

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 देवनागरी    /   Roman IAST

Current: 14th Edition


14th Edition:

  • PG7: Made two corrections. [1] misspelled sṛṇvat > corrected to: śṛṇvat [2] Ātmanepada, feminine, locative, singular for C5 sunvānāyāḥ > corrected to: sunvānāyām. 

13th Edition:

  • PG7: (IAST & Devanagari): Added endings for Present Participle. Easier to form them now.

12th Edition:

  • PG4: (IAST & Devanagari): Major improvements to Sandhi charts. + Added missing “o” in Vowel-Sandhi.

11th Edition:

  • PG1: Adjustment to #5. Also marked [irreg] for both: rājan/nāman.
  • PG2: (IAST & Devanagari): Improved #23.
  • PG2: (Devanagri only): #22, converted “mātṛ” to devanāgarī.
  • PG3: Improved 37-41. Added clarity for relative/interrogative.
  • PG3: (IAST & Devanagari): Improved #33.
  • PG6: (IAST only): Fixed color for “yokṣyāmi”.
  • PG6: (IAST & Devanagari): Added “Verb Class Names”.
  • PG7: Added new page for STEMS ending in consonants: bha, d, dha, k, ṇ, th, p.

10th Edition:

  • PG1-3 (IAST & DEVANAGARI):  Highlighted all MAS/FEM/NEUTER for legibility.

9th Edition:

  • PG3 (IAST & DEVANAGARI):  Improved That/This tables (#37 to #42).

8th Edition:

  • PG1 (IAST & DEVANAGARI): Improved Garden #1, #6 table. Page needs reprint.
  • PG 5, 6, 7 (IAST & DEVANAGARI): Major overhaul to these 3 pages for sake of added legibility. Needs reprint.

7th Edition:

  • PG4 (IAST & DEVANAGARI): Added endings for “Perfect”. 
  • PG4 (IAST): Made spelling mistake correction in “Optative”.

6th Edition:

  • PG4: Need to reprint for IAST/Devanagari, as Sandhi tables were corrected.

5th Edition:

  • Major formatting improvements & corrections.
  • PG2:
    • added in when/then another entry.
    • #23: Added (since it shares same paradigm): cit (FEM): Intellect
  • PG3: Added to “Generic”: Applies to all stems who’s last letter is a consonant.
  • PG4: Added in Sandhi rules:   9. _s + s_ = _ḥs_

4th Edition:

  • Added when/then to 2nd page.
  • Added 4th page, consisting of: All Sandhi rules, Verb Endings
  • Formatting improvements to PG5 & PG6.

3rd Edition:

  • Added new form of “THAT” on PG3.
  • Added verb endings for 10 verb classes.
  • Many formatting improvements.

2nd Edition:

  • Added numbers for each paradigm.
  • Renamed “PronAdj” > “P.Adj”.
  • PG5: Intensive reworded.
  • Added to “vat”: Think of these endings as: Possessing ___.
  • Devanāgarī: Fixed cardinal numbers formatting.