Panchadasi Discourses: Vedanta's Most Brilliant Ideas

Teaching is based on using verses of Panchadashi by Swami Vidyaranya, and combining the commentaries for each verse, from five Vedanta teachers. This way each verse is understood from more perspectives.

Sources from the following teachers have been combined in this program:

  • Chinmaya Mission: Subhanshu Chaitanya
  • Chinmaya Mission: Swami Gurubhaktananda
  • James Swartz
  • Swami Paramarthananda
  • Ramakrishna Math: Swami Swahananda

Complimentary: 7 Stages of Enlightenment

Summary: Panchadasi Chapter 7, Part 1 and 2 below discusses all 7 stages spiritual seeker undergoes in lifetimes, until total Self-Knowledge (vision of Oneness) is gained and fully ascertained. It's…