Karma Yoga Prayer (The Essence of Karma Yoga Spirit In Action)

Karma Yoga Selfless Service

Still unsure what is Karma Yoga and how is it applied? This prayer will help…

  With gratitude for all I have been given, I offer my every action to the field of creation.

My actions are gifts from me to Īśvara, the creator.

Once my actions are offered to the field, I surrender control, for it is now up to the creator to offer responses (gifts back) that serve the greater good.

All my present moment experiences are the result of my past actions, processed by Īśvara.

In the Karma Yoga spirit, I enjoy the good results, and learn from the bad.

In this way, there is only good.

Over time and with daily practice, my emotions settle, my mind clarifies and I experience the peace that is my essential nature.

“The heart that gives,” in service, with no desire for compensation, “is the heart that gathers.”

Thank you Īśvara for sharing this Karma Yoga teaching, which leads to freedom from emotional and mental suffering, and prepares my mind for Self knowledge. ” 

Inspired by Swami Paramarthananda

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