Existence (Brahman/Ātman/Awareness) is beginingless and endless. Thus, the notion of “Today I'm enlightened“, implies “Yesterday, I wasn't“. Which contradicts THAT which is beginingless/endless.

What's more, such thoughts are subject to Time. Meaning anything that BEGINS in time has an inevitable ENDING in time. Common sense.

So what's the solution – if mokṣa (Freedom) is beyond Thought?

By understanding that thought or absence of thought – still relies on Awareness (Existence). Meaning there must be some principle in whose presence the thought or no-thought is known to. That's how one is able to report thought/no-thought, knowledge/ignorance.

And how to prove Existence of this Awareness (Brahman/Ātman)? The fact that you're AWARE right now – is the proof.

There is AWARENESS of reading these words, right?

If you said “No“, then you're contradicting yourself. Because you can only reply to my question, if you are AWARE of the question – including being AWARE of the thought “No“.

Meaning: YOU ARE AWARENESS. Because you can't help, but to be AWARE of not only your body-mind, but everything outside the edges of your body-mind.

Pain. AWARE of it.

Pleasure. AWARE of it.

Confusion. AWARE of it.

Clarity. AWARE of it.

I know!“. AWARE of it.

I don't know!“. AWARE of it.

I like this post“. AWARE of it.

I disagree with this post“. AWARE of it.

I wish I understood this message“. AWARE of it.

I and God are One“. AWARE of it.

World is ___“. AWARE of it.

Silence. AWARE of it.

____. AWARE of it.

___ is constantly Changing. While AWARENESS is Unchanging. AWARE of it. 🙂

Therefore, job of Vedānta is to remove false notions that ___ is real. When in truth ___ is constantly changing. So trying to modify ___ only leads to endless saṃsāra.

The only way “out”, is to Realize that in truth you are unchanging AWARENESS (Ātman). Thus to re-identify “I” as the unchanging AWARENESS.

This can only be done successfully by a competent Vedānta teacher. It's nearly impossible by means of self-study via YouTube videos and books.

Final ego-trap that'll sabotage one's success in modern age is “I can do this by myself! Internet has abundance of info about all this. Living teacher is an old idea that's no longer necessary in today's age of media“. This justifiable and convincing ego-trap too can last lifetimes.

Your duty as seeker of truth isn't over until you know you've found a living teacher.

Up to you.

I recommend Neema from www.discovervedanta.com. And James Swartz from www.shiningworld.com. Both are disciples of Swami Dayananda.

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