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July 8 @ 2:00 pm - July 14 @ 1:00 pm

7-Day Intensive Vedanta Retreat: 8-14 July 2024
Kena Upanishad & Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 6 (Meditation)

You will share this retreat with a small group of individuals who like you are interested in learning more about oneself. This spiritual retreat in a natural environment offers a unique opportunity to gain fresh perspectives, cultivate inner peace, and help shift your outlook on life.

The program consists of study of the following texts:

  • Kena Upanishad starts with a direct and profound question: “Impelled by whom or in whose presence are we able to think, speak, breathe, see and hear?” The teacher answers this seemingly unanswerable question with amazing lucidity and makes his students see with clarity the nature of themselves. The teaching is both in a form of a dialogue and a compelling story of Lord Indra's search for the truth. Through this wisdom, we begin to awaken to our true nature as the infinite, eternal Consciousness that animates all life, leading us towards the end of suffering and the discovery of one's permanent freedom from sense of smallness.
  • In the chapter 6 of Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna unfolds to Arjuna the importance of meditation in transforming our vision of life and recognizing our connection with the universe. The practice of meditation helps us to unleash our talents, skills and contribute to the well-being of ourselves and others; and in the process, free ourselves from our afflictions.

Guided by Andre Vaswe will be systematically and carefully guided through the texts so our understanding is aligned with the what is intended to be communicated. Teachings are based on Swami Dayananda's lineage. 

We will have 4 sessions per day (two in morning / afternoon / evening), 1 hour each, to help integrate the wisdom deeper amidst like-minded friends.  

What is Covered?

Kena Upanishad Kenopanisad MindMap
For full size, download class PDF's below…

Material Used In Class:

Where is It?

  • Address: Klever Strasse. 115 47533 Kleve, Germany.
  • Description: Retreat will be held at the Vlierhof, an eco-community. In the large seminar house next to the farmhouse, is a beautiful group room, a dining room, and a relaxation lounge. All of which can be used freely. There is also a large camping area. Meals are provided by the Vlierhof cooks, using vegetables from their own garden.  See Vlierhof website for pictures.


  • Arrival: Please arrive on 8th July, by 2:00pm.
  • Departure: Departure is on 14th July, by 5pm. 


  • Registration Fee: The registration fee for the retreat is €100 (AUD165). It's intended to cover the rental cost for the seminar room (where teaching takes place), and organizational costs.
  • Accommodation/Food Fee: For the whole 7 days of our seminar (includes 3 meals per day): 
      • One person in room: €495 (AUD819)
      • Two people in room: €435 (has two separate beds)
      • Bring your own tent/campervan: €360  (or €105 without 3 meals a day).
  • No charge for the Vedanta teaching itself as it's the standard in tradition.
  • SUMMARY: Total Cost = Registration Fee + Accommodation Fee + Your travel expenses.

How To Register:

  • STEP 1: Fill out your details at the organizer's website. Organizer's name is Otto Munters: https://vedanta.nl/aanmelden-vlierhof/. Choose the €100 option + your room type. Otto will ask you to pay. You can also pay directly at our donations page. We'll inform Otto.
  • STEP 2: After payment, Otto will reserve a room for you at Vlierhof
  • STEP 3: Vlierhof will send you a bill couple of days later to pay accommodation/food.

Getting There:

  • Closest international airport is: Dusseldorf Airport [DUS]. From there, get a taxi via “Freenow” app. It's similar to Uber which isn't supported in Germany.


Klever Strasse. 115 47533 Kleve Germany + Google Map

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