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July 31, 2018 @ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


First, what is Vedanta? 

Advaita Vedānta is a solution to a problem of taking myself to be mortal, imperfect, and subject to various limitations. This is conclusion of every individual; believing “I'm small, unworthy, apart from the rest”.

In it's vision, YOU are the solution to the very problem from which you suffer. “I am the Whole, I am Free”, is Vedānta.

In our tradition, this knowledge is found end of Vedas (anta; end). It’s handed down orally without authorship, and the lineage is called “karna-parampara”, meaning “ear to ear”.

Hence, at the end of Vedas, is contained the highest knowledge (brahmavidyā). Which is also the bases of all Science and Religion, still catching up to it's eternal teachings. And it's taught in form of dialogue between Self-realized teacher and student. Several dialogues makes up one Upaniṣad.

What are the Vedas?
Vedas are divided into 4 sections: (1) Rig Veda, (2) Yajur Veda, (3) Sāma Veda, (4) Atharva Veda.

Each each section is further divided into 2 parts.

Part 1 called “karma-kāṇḍa“. Part 2 is called “jñāna-kāṇḍa“.

Karma-kanda deals with rituals and prayers. Basically, how to live a happy, harmonious, smooth and clean life.

Jñāna-kanda deals with realities – nature of Self, God and World you experience every day. How they're interconnected. What's their relationship. Whether there's any difference between them. And how is everything one, when you experience two-ness (differences). This knowledge liberates the person permanently.

Of course assuming, (1) listeners mind is sufficiently purified for receptivity (2) teacher lives-understands this knowledge and has been properly taught how to teach (3) your desire for liberation is burning – above all else.

Teachings contained within Jñāna-kanda is in form of dialogue between teacher-student.

See visual map of Veda's and structure of major Upaniṣad/Śruti texts in these 2 charts: 1 | 2

Therefore Vedānta is teachings of many Upanishads.

And thus is the purpose of this advanced ongoing program. It's weekly step-by-step systematic teachings reveal time-tested, eternal Advaita Vedānta (non-dual) knowledge to permanently remove the veil of Ignorance.

 Goal is to lead one to permanent realization of Supreme Reality as Self (aham brahmāsmi).  The same message rishis, Scriptures (śruti) and Avatars have been pointing to since time immemorial.

This isn't for everyone. Because most (especially in West) are not ready to renounce the World. Still entangled in saṃsāra… pursuing relationships, security, entertainment. Extracting a little joy here and there.

When you are ready for Permanent Satisfaction (mokṣa; cessation of suffering, total freedom) and nothing else interests you other then Self-Realization and Actualization… then you are ready for Vedānta (the knowledge that once understood, everything is understood).

Meaning you don't attend out of curiosity (let's see what this is about!). You attend out of burning, unstoppable, uncontrollable desire for Liberation. This is the difference between a Spiritual lifestyler, and a true renunciant.

When repetitively exposed to Vedānta Self-Knowledge, the spiritual search/seeking ends permanently. Because the Supreme Truth (brahman) is directly understood as YOU (tat tvam asi).

Class teachings comprise of entire Bhagavad Gītā, selected Upanishads, Panchadasi (Swami Vidyāraṇya), and Brahma Sutras.

Program is adapted and simplified for Western Mind (without excess Sanskrit usage as in Traditional Vedānta taught in India), while essence of the program is strictly preserved.

Already familiar with Vedānta? To familiarize self with terminology and teachers style, listen to at least first 4 recordings (Video #2 is most important).

New to Vedānta?

  1.  If never been exposed to Vedānta before (but have some Spiritual knowledge), must at least go through first 10 recordings This is compulsory and may not attend class without this requirement. Because program is currently running and class has already established terminology.
  2. Must leave comment below to notify teacher.

How is Vedanta Different to Other Systems:

Read article here.

Teaching Program:

  1. Jīva (body-mind-intellect): We can't skip the person who you take yourself to be – as is often seen in Neo-Advaita. Because an uncultivated and undeveloped psychology, prevents understanding of Self-Knowledge.
    For example, would you teach a 9 year old Quantum-physics, or wait until his/her mind-intellect has sufficiently matured for some, to successfully receive the teachings?
    Hence we first address Jiva hindrances by means of Karma-Yoga. How to live amidst a busy world, yet simultaneously exponentially grow as fully matured human being.
    Meaning we never again waste time, energy and effort. And our actions result in purification of the mind, enhancement of the intellect and diminishment of desires.
    Sounds too good to be true? Bhagavad Gita has been teaching this for 5000+ years, and it's more applicable today, then ever before. It's well known in India, yet Westerners are oblivious to this way of life.
  2. Īṣvara (World/God/Creator): What is Isvara? How does it create the Universe? If nothing is two (Advaita), then why do I see differences? Why can I not find lasting fulfillment? Why was I born? What happens at time of death? Do we really have free-will? How does Māyā conceals our Original Identity?
    Knowledge of Īṣvara is crucial because there is only Īṣvara (God). How can a sincere inquirer ‘Know Thyself' when the inquirer also depends on Īṣvara.
  3. Brahman (Original “I”, Self): Anyone can say “I'm Liberated“. But to DIRECTLY understand this and appreciate what it means to say “I am Eternal. Immortal. Everywhere. Limitless Bliss” … requires a careful precise teaching.
    Followed by sadhana (Spiritual practice) and consistent self-inquiry, this eventually fructifies to Highest Knowledge and purpose in life… often called “Enlightenment” in the West.


Schedule & Cost:

Most Vedanta teachers only work on donation bases as we have our own worldly jobs. In this case, this ongoing program is free. No donations either.

Address: 4 Rosalind Cres, Blackburn, Melbourne. (0 4 1 3  6 8 1  4 2 9. SMS only. No calling).

Come sharp everytime! Program lasts about 1 year. And is same quality standards as those who're studying Residential 2 year Vedanta courses.

This is a class-like environment. Hence expected to treat yourself as a willing and enthusiastic participant-student.

 If never attended class before, please leave comment below to notify teacher… 


Andre Vas
0 4 1 3 6 8 1 4 2 9 (SMS only)
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House in Blackburn
Blackburn, Melbourne, Victoria 3130 Australia + Google Map
0 4 1 3 6 8 1 4 2 9 (SMS only)


  1. Hello Acharya Andre,
    Firstly, thank you for the teachings; I recently happened across this website, and it contents, and proceeded to view the videos. No 8 has just completed.
    Whilst I do have some history and experience, I am enjoying the clarity present, the simplicity, and the effect of dispelling any uncertainties or doubts. Also, the exposure to, and beginnings of learning Sanskrit is wonderful.
    I would like to continue to view the content and explore this, and so just wanted to reach out to confirm this to be ok? that, and to enquire into any requirements there may be?
    I do currently reside in Melbourne, but am unclear as to attending in person and any current schedule or recommendation there? Many thanks in advance for any tips!
    Kindest Regards,

    1. Hi. Brett or Arkiri? Glad to hear you’re proceeding with the videos so far.

      There’s 3 options:

      1) Continue with self-pace at yesvedanta.com/bg

      2) Attend live zoom (currently on CH16).

      3) For physical meetup, yesvedanta.com/join (Advaita Vedanta), to be notified of announcements.

      Otherwise, I’m also available via email (yesvedanta.com/contact) occasionally when doubts arise from the course.


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