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January 6 - January 22

jnana-yoga retreat - advaita vedanta

An advanced Advaita Vedanta retreat, expounding the non-dual vision of Reality is being held in Thonse, Karnataka India, from 6-22 January 2023.

It'll give us the opportunity for exclusive focus and understanding the nuances of reality, Self and universe. Including evergreen values that lead to harmony and purity of mind.

It's held at a Ayurvedic Treatment center by the beach. Ideal for teaching, walking and contemplating. 

Thonse Health Centre, in Thonse, Karnataka India

Topic Taught:

The texts studied are selected verses from Bhagavad Gita CH13, 14, 15. They present 3 different (non-contradictory) models on Discrimination of what is the absolute Truth. Model of universe will be expounded (how it all came), nature of Individual, what is God (Īśvara) referring to, what is the final non-negatable Truth, and what it all means to you, right now?

It is based on the intensive 4 year program, as seen here: https://www.yesvedanta.com/bg/

Document we'll use in class together can be downloaded here.


    • CH13: Arjuna asks about 6 technical words (kṣetram, kṣetrajña, jñānam, jñeyam, puruṣa, prakṛti). Krishna expounds the whole reality in light of the 6 words.
    • CH14: After the vision of Advaita is expounded in CH13, one is still held down, discouraged or hindered by the guṇas. Lord Krishna shows how one can free oneself from their binding nature.
    • CH15: Having provided the Oneness vision in CH13, minimized the guṇa hold in CH14, Krishna closes the loop by showing the same-ness between the jīva and Īśvara, using a different model from CH13.


Acharya Andre is teaching. Can see more info about lineage and teacher on About page.



If from India, Australia, elsewhere — contact Andre at: yesvedanta@gmail.com

If from USA, Europe — contact Diederik at: https://vedanta-retreat-in-india.nl/

Cost for Program:

Suggested is AUD$50-125 (INR2500 – 6300); it's way of supporting the teacher and showing you're invested in the program. Donation can be sent here anytime.  It doesn't cover accommodation/food/travel expenses.  

Accommodation Cost at Thonse Health Centre:

The costs are around AUD230 / US145 per week including everything the center has to offer: a private room with toilet (AC or non-AC), simple vegetarian meals, herbal teas, juices, participation in the daily program and medical supervision.  See specific costs here.

Arrival Itinerary for International/Local — STEP-BY-STEP Process:

Basically, arrive to Thonse Health Centre, in Thonse, Karnataka India on 5th Jan, as we start on 6th Jan. And leave on 23rd Jan, since we finish on 22nd Jan in the evening.

    1. eVisa Apply  > Click on button at bottom “Apply here for e-visa”  (Approval within 5 days).
    2. See Rooms at Thonse Health Centre rooms page. Once selected, book at: http://thonsehealth.in/contact-us/
    3. Book flight to Coimbatore International Airport [CJB] or Mumbai [BOM].
    4. From Coimbatore International Airport [CJB] or Mumbai [BOM] — book flight to Mangalore International Airport [IXE].
    5. From Mangalore International Airport [IXE] — get a taxi/Uber to: Thonse Health Centre  (about 1:30h drive).


Intention so far is we commence on 6th Jan in the evening. 3 sessions per day, each lasting about 1.5h. Optional evening satsang. Conclusion is on 22nd Jan in the evening.

Few days before commencing, we'll send out details where we'll meet. 


January 6
January 22
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Thonse Health Centre, in Thonse, Karnataka India
Thonse Health Centre
Thonse, Karnataka India
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