Does Ishvara Knows It’s Truth is Brahman?


Is Ishvara aware that it is Brahman (Consciousness)?

I know Ishvara is:

  • The dharma field (manifest universe) and came into being by the power of Maya within Brahman.
  • Not a personal entity with a mind and agenda – but is the creator, sustainer and destroyer of all.
  • Is the all-knowing (omniscient).

Question: Is Ishvara all-knowing of only it’s SUBTLE and GROSS manifestation or  Ishvara also knows it's truth is Brahman?

If Ishvara does NOT know of Brahman, then why would He lead one to path of Vedanta (which reveals Brahman)?


Isvara is aware that it is awareness (Brahman).

As you say, Isvara is not a personal entity with a single mind, but rather the collective of all subtle bodies/minds.

As such, Isvara, which has relatively limitless will, knowledge, and power (relatively limitless because even Isvara resolves into a dormant state at the time of the pralaya, or cosmic dissolution, only to manifest again when the next cycle of manifestation commences) — is not tainted by ignorance.

Technically speaking, Isvara is wholly sattvic in the sense of being the manifestation of pure consciousness without itself being subject to avidya, which is the personal effect of Maya’s influence on those projections that have subtle bodies (ie. sentient beings).


  1. Namaste
    “Isvara resolves into a dormant state at the time of the pralaya”
    I have not heard this before.
    Brahman with the upadhi of Maya ( unmanifest jagat/nama rupas) is named Ishvara.
    Only jagat goes into avyakta avastha. Not Ishvara?!

    1. Namaste Arati.

      Only jagat goes into avyakta avastha. Not Ishvara?!

      True. Only jagat resolves into avyakta avastha.

      What about Ishvara?

      “Ishvara” word = Brahman wielding His power of maya. When this power is resolved into Brahman during avyakta avastha, from that standpoint we can say “Ishvara” is in dormant state.

      From another standpoint, can say, “Jagat resolves into Ishvara”. Long as “jagat” is interpreted as power-of-maya-in-manifest and “Ishvara” as sat-cit Brahman.

      Depends on context.

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