Brahman is Beyond All Means-of-Knowledge, Or Is It?

How to Know Brahman?

Brahman (Consciousness) is beyond all means of knowledge. No scientific instrument can detect it.

Because every instrument IS made out of Brahman — being the content of everything, including your very eyes which are reading these words right now…

It's like the wooden-chair (person) looking through a wooden-microscope, inside a wooden-lab, within wooden time-space… attempting to find wood.

It shows the wooden-chair hasn't understood wood, thus out of ignorance places it within domain of time. IE: “I'll find wood in the future because it's not here and now”.

A metaphor to elaborate: Your entire dream world (tonight) — which will comprise of infinite objects like person, cloud, air, space, time — is made out of whom? YOU.

Disrespected “stranger” by your thought-word-actions, is YOU.

Honored one, is YOU.

Every philosophical conversation about the nature of the Dream world, is only every (indirectly) referring to YOU.

The dream character can NOT know the Waker by any means — because the dream objects, including the means to knowing the dream — are already in truth, the Waker.

In other words, the Waker inside the dream can't be known as a SEPARATE entity, an individual object.

Whatever the dreamer debates about the Waker — even the content of each sound making up the word and sentence… is nothing but the Waker.

Seeking for Brahman is like seeking Space. Where is space NOT? You can only answer that because space-time is accommodating you.

Science already demonstrated that zooming into anything… the smallest of the smallest, resolves into space. Even a particle is revolving in orbit, in SPACE.

Thus space can't be objectified or singled out as a single object, unlike a sub-atomic particle.

So one one hand — space can't be known DIRECTLY by any means of knowledge. But it doesn't mean that space absolutely can't be known.

For example, just to have a discussion about “space” implies some means of knowledge has taken place to reveal the existence of space.   NOTE: By “space”, we're not referring to “outer-space” — but THAT which accommodates everything.

Similarly, Brahman is beyond conventional means of knowledge, like through science of quantum physics or even quantum field theory.

Simultaneously, this doesn't mean that Brahman absolutely can't be known.

Cosmic Joke Vedanta
A poetical recitation by anonymous.

To know Brahman, we require the Upanishads — the means by which Brahman is understood using a unique means-of-knowledge.

The expertise of science is time-space-objects, but never THAT which is the TRUTH of time-space-objects-you-I. The later is expertise of Vedic authority.

Science rightfully admits, “We know not what's behind or what came before the big-bang, before Planck length-time”.

For this very purpose, the Upanishads exist and the truths expounded within can only be illumined in presence of a specialist called a guru.

The guru is one who specializes in the scriptural implied meanings (essence behind the statements).

To recap: Brahman is that which is free of time-space-objects, but also is the very content of time-space-objects. A seemingly contradictory statement indeed! As are many within the Vedic scriptures. That's the very purpose of a guru… to bring resolution to apparent contradictions.

After years of being taught by the guru, the shishya (aspirant) is eventually encouraged to, “Own up to the fact that Brahman alone IS… from which you are never excluded… just as wave (compared to person-jiva) is never excluded from the Water (compared to Brahman).”

Even this unexceptional explanation is tip of the iceberg of what Upanishads (or Vedanta) have to reveal about the total reality.

Understanding the WHOLE, takes interest. Interest requires a qualified and mature mind. Which is result of spiritual sadhana for years.

Eventually the Lord blesses the sincere devotee.

And what greater boon can it be then the guru — the one who reconciles our doubts about ourselves and the world. The one that connects the dots between science, physics, relativity, quantum field theory, time-space, God and consciousness.

Until such grace… the seeker has much to say about Brahman… much to debate about God… when in reality Brahman is not a matter graspable by a wooden-intellect.



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