Cosmic Joke Vedanta

Brahman (Non-Negatable Truth, Consciousness) is beyond all means of knowledge. No scientific instrument can detect it.

Because every instrument IS made out of Īśvara (cause of Universe). And Truth of Īśvara is Brahman.

A metaphor to explain above statement: TRUTH of the entire dream world (Īśvara) is the Dreamer (Brahman) in bed.

Meaning, without the Dreamer, there is no Dream. And with or without the dream, it doesn't touch the Dreamer. Just like with or without the Earth's presence, it doesn't touch nor make any difference to the self-illuminating Sun.

The dream character (one of objects of Īśvara) can NOT know the Dreamer (Brahman) by any means. Because the dream character and the means are BOTH pervaded by the Dreamer.

Thus, seeking for Brahman is like seeking Space. Space is never NOT available. It unceasingly accommodates everything within it, including air, including one's body. Hence the body-mind is never out of space. It is pervaded by space.

Just like a seemingly independent wave within the ocean… can never find the Water. Because the wave is already pervaded by the Water. You can find elsewhere, what you are right now.

Similarly, Brahman can never be known in past, present or future. Because time itself is also pervaded by Brahman. Thus Brahman is “prior” and free of space/time. Just like Dreamer is “prior” and free of the Dream world in which space/time exists.

Meaning, one can't grab that which is beyond space/time. One can ONLY come to own up to the fact that everything is already Brahman. And since I AM not excluded from everything, then by this logic, it is impossible to NOT be Brahman (Truth).

Advaita Vedanta literally removes the mind's stubborn unwillingness to own up to WHAT'S ALREADY TRUE. Once mind's false notions are gradually removed by Vedanta's careful approach, then one's separation-notion (ego) dissolves, giving up notion that is is apart-from that which is never not present (Brahman).

Just like, whether you believe in gravity or not, gravity doesn't care. It's ALREADY TRUE with or without your opinion. Hence it's only matter of removing one's stubborn notions which are denying one's own True Nature; Awareness.

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