Dream World is Manufactured Out of ONE Waker Alone: Meaning of Oneness (72)

Dream World is Manufactured Out of ONE Waker Alone: Meaning of Oneness (72)


Lesson 72 provides several metaphors to clarify “How is there ONE Awareness, when I experience many?”. We see what function does maya play in creating many appearances out of one Brahman. Purpose is to bring Oneness understanding to personal relatable context, rather then a distant theory.

Source: Bhagavad Gita, CH9 – verse 7, 8, 9


  • Īśvara is of TWO natures:
    • Higher: parā-prakṛti, consciousness/awareness, Brahman.
    • Lower: aparā-prakṛti, matter, māyā, mithyā (EG: Hand > molecules > atoms > particles > energy > space > thought. Forms within forms. At each level of form, experientially available but factually non-existent.)
    • Real nature of Īśvara is Higher, described in V4-10, which includes lower. Just how Gold (higher) includes all ornaments (lower). Meaning there is actually ONLY Higher (which doesn’t exclude lower).
      • However while māyā is operating, it manufactures appearances (ornaments). And to account for the appearances, Vedānta introduced concept of māyā to explain why we see MANY. (EG: To explain rain: evaporation, condensation, precipitation.)
  • 5 glories/features of Īśvara’s Higher nature:
    • Glory 1: Lord is formless (avyakta): Not available to sense organs. Free from properties: sound, touch, form, taste, smell. If experience Lord with properties, only Lower nature (māyā).
    • Glory 2: Omniscient, all-pervading (sarvagatatvam): Meaning no boundaries / without limits (limitless).
    • Glory 3: Īśvara is substratum of material universe (mithyā jagat). Meaning, Consciousness (higher) is essence of matter (lower).
      • Substratum isn’t like screen/movie (2 different sources). But as in, personality is substratum for physical expression (eg: actions/behavior). Wherever there is behavior, that’s where personality is. Thus personality CAN be without physical expression, but physical expression can’t be without personality.
      • In other words: Consciousness is independent of matter. While matter depends on (manufactured out of) Consciousness.
    • Glory 4: Consciousness is fundamental CAUSE out of which creation arises, rests and resolves.
      • Metaphor: Ink is fundamental CAUSE out of which word (creation) arises, rests in and resolves into.
    • Glory 5: I am unsullied (asaṅgatvam): Like space never tainted by any impurity/event accommodated.


Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 9 – Verse 7:

sarvabhūtāni kaunteya prakṛtiṃ yānti māmikām |
kalpakṣaye punastāni kalpādau visṛjāmyaham

Oh! Arjuna, at the end of each cycle, all beings resolve into My Prakṛti. Again, at the beginning of the (next) cycle, I create them.

  • Expands V5/6, which stated Īśvara is sṛṣṭi, sthiti, laya kāraṇam.
  • QUESTION: How does Īśvara “create” the universe? Everything below will answer and provide metaphor of oneness…
  • Krishna says, BEFORE creation of this manifest universe, it was ALREADY existent in Me, AS unmanifest form, IN potential possibility.
    • Meaning universe (matter) is NOT EVER created newly. Law of conservation of matter-energy. Even Īśvara cannot create new matter. Else presupposes Īśvara created out of LIMITED knowledge (forgot something, so needed to add something new).
  • METAPHOR OF UNMANIFEST POTENTIAL: Intelligent tree exists within miniscule seed.
    • Grown adult exists in potential within fertilized egg. Egg holds DNA, which correspondingly represents the kāraṇa śarīra for soon-to-be-born jīvātma.
      • DNA contains 262,000pgs. Only 500pgs dictates individuality. Rest, SAME in all.
      • If boldness at age 50, already coded.
      • If cancer, asthma, dementia at age 80; already coded.
      • Explains why most ailments comes later in life. Meaning ailment was existent, but in potential.
  • Krishna says: all details of entire universe ALREAY CODED in Me, as unmanifest universe, called prakṛti/māyā.
    • In other words, BEFORE this universe came, this universe was ALREADY in dormant SEED state (matter in potential). Which then evolves AGAIN into manifestation. Like heart contract-expand.
      • Also in 2.28 (all beings unmanifest in beginning, manifest middle, unmanifest end). 8.18 also supports.
  • METAPHOR OF UNMANIFEST/MANIFEST: Waker is compared to mini-Īśvara (parā-prakṛti). Tonight’s dream is like universe in potential (māyā).
    • What is a dream? Expression of all past vāsanās/saṃskārās (stored in Causal Body) within the waker.
      • Meaning when conditions are right, māyā (potential in waker) WILL project dream universe, manufactured out of waker (parā-prakṛti).
      • Suppose waker (self) within own dream, wants to FIND the waker. Is this possible? No.
        • Because entire dream is MANUFACTURED out of waker ALONE. The thought of dreamer contemplating about the waker is also pervaded by the waker alone.
        • Meaning all dreamer can do is OWN UP that all that is here is ONE Waker without a second. Upon doing so, and firmly assimilating that realization, called jīvanmukta.
          • What happens when jīvanmukta BMI dies? Dream disappears. Eternal Waker sat-cit-ānanda remains. (EG: What happens when I break pot? Remains clay alone).
  • Kaunteya! Sarvabhūtāni parkṛtim yānti: Hey Arjuna! All begins come back to Me in prakṛti (unmanifest state / māyā).
    • In this way, prakṛti (unmanifest/manifest) of whole creation depends on Me. Just like unmanifest/manifest dream depends on waker.
      • COMPARISON vyaṣṭi / samaṣṭi:
        • Individual dream world is caused by? Individual’s saṃskārās (causal body, mainly tamas).
        • Total dream world (14 lokās) is caused by? Saṃskārās of all individuals. (Macro causal body; Īśvara, pure sattva)
  • WHEN does unmanifest occur? Kalpakṣaye, end of Brahmāji’s 1 kalpa (1000 four-yugās, 4.32 billion years).
  • WHEN does unmanifest universe, manifest AGAIN? Kalpādau, when Brahmāji wakes up after 1 kalpa.

Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 9 – Verse 8:

prakṛtiṃ svāmavaṣṭabhya visṛjāmi punaḥ punaḥ |
bhūtagrāmamimaṃ kṛtsnamavaśaṃ prakṛtervaśāt

Resorting to My prakṛti, I create again and again this entire multitude of beings which is helpless, being under the control of Prakṛti.


  • visṛjāmi punaḥ punaḥ: I create this world again and again in cyclic process, repeatedly and forever.
    • Accordingly in Vedānta, creation is cyclic process of eternal manifests/unmanfiests. Not linear with beginning/end. Else endless logical problems. Creates unsolvable disputes like “chicken/egg”.
      • For this reason, we can’t ask “when did creation FIRST begin”. It’s like asking “what happens when unstoppable bullet hits impenetrable wall?”
  • How does Brahman create universe on and on? prakṛtiṃ svāmavaṣṭabhya, by help of My prakṛti / māyā.
    • Just like waker can’t dream WITHOUT saṃskārās (impressions of past).
  • Consequently, owning to My prakṛti / māyā — bhūta grāmam imaṃ kṛtsnam, I create multitude of sentient begins.
  • What kind of beings are created throughout the universe? Avaśam, helpless begins.
    • Meaning person cannot stop eternal manifest/unmanifest. No off button. Even committing suicide won’t work; reborn with MORE suffering, because suicide is pāpam.
    • ONLY way to get out of process is mokṣa. How? Vedanta classes + self-study/reflection.
  • In summary: Māyā alone evolves into this creation (sṛṣṭi). Dances (sthiti) for some time (symbolized by Naṭarāja; Śiva). Then resolves (layam).
    • Furthermore creation, dance, resolution does NOT happen in time. But time itself happens WITHIN this 3 step process. Reason why nothing to say before big bang.
  • Verse 8 message: Creation is an eternal cyclic process.


Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 9 – Verse 9:

na ca māṃ tāni karmāṇi nibadhnanti dhanañjaya |
udāsīnavadāsīnamasaktaṃ teṣu karmasu ||

Oh ! Arjuna, However, those actions do not bind Me who am uninvolved in those actions and who remain like an indifferent person.


  • What is Glory 6? DOUBT will give: If Īśvara is sṛṣṭi kāranam (glory 4), that seems like Īśvara is a DOER (kartā). EG: Can’t create/sustain/destroy without action.
    • What’s more, to “DO” an action (kartā) is to enjoy results of those actions (bhoktā). IE: Karma is always for sake of karma-phalam.
    • Seems Bhagavān is a sadist. EG: Bhagāvan gives us bodies which suffers even mosquito bite. Not to mention psychological trauma like abandonment, LOSS of family relative, temporary rejection.
  • ANSWER: Suppose waker has śakti called māyā. When śakti is operating tonight, a dream world is created.
    • What determines the dream movie? Individual’s saṃskārās.
    • Suppose the dream character plays role of Hitler. And does actions of destruction for sake of enjoying.
      • Upon waking, can waker be held accountable for what happened? Because (1) waker didn’t willfully intend the dream movie, and (2) DREAM is different order of reality.
      • Meaning despite dream actions/enjoyments (MADE of waker alone), the actions/enjoyments did not belong to Waker puruṣa, only dream puruṣa.
  • Hence Krishna says: I am akartā and abhoktā. I am neither creator, nor destroyer. Hence can’t attribute any action, nor result to Me.
  • Furthermore, māṃ tāni karmāṇi nibadhnanti, all actions do not bind Me, because they are lower order of reality (māyā).
    • Just like like how waker says “It was just a dream”. Meaning actions/enjoyments of DREAM do not make waker’s life miserable/happy.
  • QUESTION: How come Īśvara does not accrue any puṇya/pāpa karma, despite being the cause of Universe?
    • teṣu karmasu asaktam, Because I am not identified WITH, attached TO, involved IN any karma. Consequentially…
    • udāsīnavat āsīnam, I remain as though an indifferent puruṣa. Uninvolved person.
      • Giving HINT how to live, abhimāna tyāga (renunciation of pride IN results of PERFORMED actions).
        • Not talking about renunciation of action. But sense of “I am enjoying results because of my past actions”.
    • Glory 1: Lord is formless. Avyaktam (not perceptible).
    • Glory 2: Lord is all-pervading. Sarvagatatvam (being everywhere, omnipresent).
    • Glory 3: Lord is support of all, the substratum of the mithyā universe. Jagat adhiṣṭhāna (Abode of world).
    • Glory 4: I am creator, sustainer, swallower of mithyā universe.
    • Glory 5: I am unsullied. Asaṅgatvam.
    • Glory 6: I am akartā/abhoktā. Free of all karma and karma-phalam.


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Credit for help in Bhagavad Gita teaching given to Chinmaya Int. Foundation & Swami Paramarthananda

Recorded 29 Oct, 2019



  1. Robert Green on December 8, 2020 at 9:05 am

    Hi Andre.
    Just have to ask an obvious question.
    Says in Chapter 9 , Verse 7 that cycle of manifest/Unmanifest occurs every 4.32 billion years.
    As you know, science dates the Big Bang at roughly 13.8 billion years.
    What do we do with this?
    It seems as though this is a part of the Shastra that has been shown to be wrong.
    So what do we say?
    Do we say the figures are merely symbolic and not meant to be taken literally?
    This seems dubious.
    Do we say that this part is wrong but everything else is right?
    Do we deny science and stubbornly hold to the claim?
    Or is there something here that I am missing which explains the apparent discrepancy?
    Have held off asking these questions because I know that our job is not to find fault with the Shastra, but I feel that I just have to ask.
    I am not trying to nitpick, but please let me know if you think that I am.

    • mm Andre V on December 10, 2020 at 12:17 am

      Yes, looked into this myself. We can’t reject 13.8bil as scientific data uses sophisticated computer models/inference.

      4.32bil can’t be rejected, as will soon see in Lesson 80. But also because it’s mentioned throughout unrelated Vedic texts.

      How to reconcile? I’ve asked various teachers, and gotten vague answers.

      EG: 13.8 is mahāpralayam (the great dissolution). And 4.32 is a sub-dissolution with the great dissolution. Now brings up question, what is a “sub-dissolution” and what is it’s relationship to the great dissolution?

      Therefore, it’s one of the question I’m not able to reconcile, but would love to. I agree with both science and Vedic authority, especially Vedic maths.

      Of course science is always open to correction. Eg: In Newtonian physics, time/space was different from objects. Then Quantum physics, it was unified. So 13.8bil remains open.

      If have thoughts on this, do share.

  2. Robert Green on December 10, 2020 at 2:45 pm

    Very difficult.
    I agree that science is open to revision and Is not always the final word.
    This is usually the case though with explanatory hypothesis and theory, not with measurement, which can be ascertained with a high level of exactitude.
    We also have to credit that Vedantic teaching is so complete and systematic and non- negatable that the thought that they are wrong with something that is stated so clearly and often would have to count as a clear anomaly.
    This alone should make us suspicious about whether this is the case.
    I have tried many ways to make the maths fit; it just doesn’t.
    Science is also divided about whether there is a Big Crunch, which fits the model of vedantic cyclicity, or whether it continues in infinite expansion and ultimately suffers heat death re the law of entropy.
    I think there is probably little room for doubt now that the universe is about 13.77 billion years old, give or take 40 million years.
    That being the case, we are left with a very difficult situation.
    Perhaps you could take it up again with your own teachers as it does cast a shadow over the claim that what is in the scriptures is non negatable.
    I would really like to find a way to reconcile this

    • mm Andre V on December 11, 2020 at 11:35 am

      Attempt to reconcile:

      13.8 is widely accepted. Doesn’t mean it’s definitive.

      EG: Different measurement recently puts at 12.6bil: https://www.futurity.org/age-of-universe-big-bang-2414682-2/

      If 4.32 is a sub-dissolution, then that equals 3+- sub-dissolution for one mahāpralayam (brahmāji night).

      4.32 x 3 = 12.96bil. Somewhere between 13.8 and 12.6 above.

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