Correcting Subtle Non-dual Mistakes – and What Mokṣa (Liberation) is NOT (19)

Common Subtle Non-dual Mistakes – and What Moksa (Liberation) is NOT (19)


Session 19 is establishes clarity for Advaita Vedanta scholars/fanatics by seeing examples how subtle mistakes of non-dual vision creates subtle ego arrogance (duality). Possible corrections are provided. Also we remove common false notions about Moksa/Permanent Self-Realization (eg. need to clear all vāsanās/saṃskāras).


  1. Clarity about Satya-Mithyā Relationship (Non-changing/Changing)

    Please answer to test your understanding:

    – What is a vikaraḥ?

    – ____ inheres in all vikarah?

    – Īśvara is All ___ and all ___.

  2. Mokṣa is not __. But rather shifting “I” to non-changing Consciousness.

    – What does mokṣa mean?

    – Justify why mokṣa is NOT about exhausting vāsanās/saṃskāras?

    – What are the names of the 3 puruṣārthas when *most* of vāsanās/saṃskāras exhaustion should have taken place?

    – Explain why mokṣa IS also about exhausting vāsanās/saṃskāras?

    – What will happen if you spend your entire life trying to become “pure”?

  3. How NOT to see the world.

    – Give 2 reason why (1) seeing the world as insentient and (2) Consciousness as sentient – is a incorrect nondualistic vision.

    – The CAUSE of vikaraḥ (modfications) is ___?

    – And the Truth of ___, is ___?

    – Key to Vedānta success is:

    (1) Know what is V__

    (2) Understand that Invariable NEVER changes to __

    (3) Discriminate between Invariable and Variable until you're so ___, that don't need to discriminate consciously any longer.

  4. Mistake of denying Body-Mind after nondualism vision.

    – Justify the incorrect vision of the TOTAL (Brahman) when one denies the Body-Mind as “unimportant”?

  5. The attitude of Vedanta in life.

    – In the light of “All is Īśvara”, give 3 examples how this knowledge will cause you to act/behave differently in day-to-day situations?

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11 Sept


  1. John McPherson on September 13, 2018 at 5:18 pm


    Okay, so this is rolling around in my head, so I thought i would share it:

    The wave (the Person) is not the ocean (Consciousness), but the ocean (C) is the wave (P).
    When the wave (P) disappears the ocean (C) remains.
    When the wave (P) looks into the ocean (C) it finds peace.

    • mm Andre V on September 13, 2018 at 5:56 pm

      1) The wave (the Person) is not the ocean (Consciousness), but the ocean (C) is the wave (P).

      Reassigning the analogy per classic Vedānta teaching, before commenting:

      a) H2O (Water) = Consciousness

      b) Ocean = Īśvara

      c) Wave = Individual

      Hence Ocean and Wave share ONE reality. Which reality? H2O. Hence H2O is the only principle there is. H2O never undergoes any change.

      Hence Ocean gives rise to different Waves… but what remains as unchanging reality is H2O.

      H2O never undergone any change to become both the Ocean and the Wave.

      2) When the wave (P) disappears the ocean (C) remains.

      Correct. Per above reassignment: When the Wave disappears, H2O remains.

      3) When the wave (P) looks into the ocean (C) it finds peace.

      Wise person = “I am H2O”.

      Peace, joy, confusion, enlightenment, ignorance – all belongs to Ocean.

      Truth of Ocean is H2O.

  2. John McPherson on September 14, 2018 at 6:07 pm

    Thank You Andre

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