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12 Spiritual Practices (Sadhanas) from Bhagavad Gita

Spiritual practices sadhanas from bhagavad gita

Lord Krisna (Śrī Kṛṣṇa) in Bhagavad Gita Chapter 4, mentions 12 types of powerful spiritual sadhana’s (spiritual practices) one can choose to purify one’s mind. Their end result (karma-phala) can be compared to washing a dirty car (mind) with a hose (sādhana). Yes, the car will attract new dirt sooner or later the more it…

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Is there ‘Creation’?


Nothing can ever be created. Matter cannot be created. To say “something is created” is to imply it’s not already within Creation. Which sets up an unsolvable equation; duality (dvaita). For example, if matter was created, that means THIS Creation (which you and I find ourselves in), would have to borrow matter from some other…

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That I attempt to be different, is samsara.


“That I attempt to be different, is saṃsāra”. To see how this is true, we first ask… What is saṃsāra? It is mistakenly seeing one’s own thoughts/emotions (prātibhāsika; Subjective reality), including the Objective reality (vyāvahārika)… to be the final Reality (pāramārthika; unchanging pure Consciousness, Brahman). Why does one confuse these 3 realities (causing saṃsāra)? Because…

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What is saṃsāra?

samsara wheel of life - advaita vedanta

saṃsāra is limitation one experiences and caused by not knowing difference between REAL (Self) and UNREAL (Not-Self). A saṃsārī seeks freedom in the world through acquisition (beauty,  Spiritual experiences, knowledge, wealth, fame, success) – and enjoyment of those acquired objects. Thus “acquire + enjoy the acquired” summarizes life of every individual born in past, present and…

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Objectivity vs Subjectivity in Light of Vedanta

Purpose of this article is to bring light to an uninvestigated pillar in the spiritual world (irrespective of Religion, philosophy). It’s largely fault for one’s spiritual stagnation, inconsistent relationships with the other (Objects, people, etc) – and disharmony with one’s own existence. Either way, as long as this issue remains uncorrected – Freedom/Liberation (mokṣa) is impossible.…

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Inquiry Into Various Vedanta Definitions

subtle body, mind, intellect, antakarana

THE MATERIAL UNIVERSE Something cannot come from nothing. This material universe evolved out of consciousness. Consciousness is both the substance of which the creation is made and the intelligence that shapes its names and forms. Just as the spider is both the substance of its web and the intelligence that shapes it. Consciousness operates the…

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Brief Introduction to 3 Gunas


The creation comes into existence with the emergence of the 3 guṇas: Sattva, Tamas and Rajas. Sattva is intelligence and knowledge. Ttamas is a heavy dense energy. It’s matter, the substance of the creation. Rajas is the dynamic active energy. It creates/sustains/destroys objects using Sattva (All knowledge) combined with Tamas (matter/material). In fact, they all…

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What is Significance of ‘Namaste’


In India, many greet each other with the word “Namaste” – this is joined usually by a slight bow and palms touching in front, sort of like a prayer gesture. Namaste means literally “I bow to you”. But the way it’s used, or the meaning behind it is “I bow to God (Īśvara) in you”…

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Original Purpose of Vegetarianism According to Vedic Culture


Vegetarianism is an example of the application of the value for ahimsa (non-injury). Many arguments in favour of a vegetarian diet can be made, but the basic argument supporting non-flesh eating is simply ahimsa. In India, where there are more vegetarians than anywhere else in the world, vegetarianism is based on this value alone. Why…

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What’s It Like to Live the Vision of Non-Dual ONENESS?

Living non-duality according to Vedanta

When one realizes oneself to be unborn-ordinary-actionless-non-dual Awareness… and that Awareness (Ātman/Brahman) is everything that is… it does not mean that the world (jagat) suddenly goes “poof” into a whirlpool of nothingness. The world remains, but with the understanding that there is nothing real (substantial) to it. In other words one no longer gets fooled.…

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