How To Know You're Caught In Samsara, Real VS. Unreal (Satya/Mithya) (6)
How To Know You're Caught In Samsara, Real VS. Unreal (Satya/Mithya) (6)


In Session 6, along with revision of preceding session, Krishna begins teaching Arjuna about the Self (Brahman) from Bhagavad Gita, CH 2.


  • Īśvara or Bhagavān (Lord) is: All-pervasive (sarvagatham) and Timeless (nithyam). Hence Īśvara is “HERE and NOW“. This doesn't exclude You.
  • What is Saṃsāra?
    ANSWER: Believing what CHANGES – is Real. And (#1) Being attached to the status of the changing, and (#2) Experiencing mental disturbance as result of expectations towards/about #1.
  • How to know you're caught by Saṃsāra?
    ANSWER: By investing most of your time, energy, effort into: pursuing, conversing about, figuring out, assessing, contemplating, improving or eliminating the CHANGING.
    Hint: Ever thought you were right? This is being caught in samsara. Doesn't matter if you actually WERE RIGHT, that's irrelevant. Point is, the “I” (Brahman) mistook itself for the Thought.
    In reality, Brahman (Satyam) is different order (of the one same reality) from Thought (Mithya). Yet, simultaneously there's no difference between Satya-Mithya (this will become clear in later sessions).
  • What does a wise person (Krishna, jnāni; Self-Actualized) know… which samsari (Arjuna, ignorant person; ajnāni) does not?
    ANSWER: What is Real, and what is Unreal.
  • One of most important qualifications for ‘getting' Self-Knowledge is ____. (Hint: Not seeing any difference between p___ and p___).
  • Self (Brahman) can not be Objectified. Meaning it's impossible to “become” or “experience” the Self. Because you are ALWAYS experiencing the Self.
    This invalidates methods of Yoga or “Experiential Enlightenment” teachings – and a caution for those who're trying to become the Self (the Whole; brahman).

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5 June 2018


  1. Shaun Menscer on September 16, 2018 at 10:39 am

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    Brilliant explanation of Self and not – Self!

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    Very clear and well presented!

    • mm Andre V on October 24, 2019 at 1:32 pm

      Welcome. Notes will keep getting longer per subsequent session.

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