Upanisads Authenticity & Why Everything is Brahman (sarvam brahma) (4)
Upanisads Authenticity & Why Everything is Brahman (sarvam brahma) (4)


Session 4 discusses what Upaniṣads reveals to be the highest and greatest use or purpose of one's life on Earth.

In one line – it is: sarvam brahmaḥ

Meaning: Everything is Brahman (Consciousness, Self, Awareness, Existence) – and I AM THAT.

And this (sarvam brahma) can not be solved by Science, nor by any human being, which are limited to: (1) Perception (2) Inference

Hence the need of Upanisads to solve the existential problem of understanding myself as the WHOLE… and nothing is apart from Me.

We also ask and answer “How to validate if Upaniṣads are true?

Then we investigate: māhaṁ brahma nirākuryām

Meaning: May I NOT reject pursuit of Brahman (Enlightenment/moksa) – despite my worldly pursuits.

And why should we pursue Brahman? What will Self-Knowledge give an Ignorant Jiva (sincere spiritual aspirant)?


  1. Summary of Ignorance: I am LIMITED. (This is result of NOT knowing Self as the WHOLE).
  2. Why is Buddha fat? 🙂
  3. Why most don't pursue: sarvam brahmah?
  4. Neo-Advaita vs. Advaita Vedanta
  5. Reason why Karma Yoga is crucial for understanding “I AM the WHOLE'.
  6. Why running away from the world in pursuit of Enlightenment is erroneous thinking.

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22 May 2018

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