Apyayantu Mamangani Explained & Bhagavad Gita CH 2 – Krishna advice to Arjuna (3)
Apyayantu Mamangani Explained & Bhagavad Gita CH 2 – Krishna advice to Arjuna (3)


Session stars with Chandogya Upanisad “āpyāyantu mamāngāni” invocation – with first line explained in detail – including:

How to use our speech (vāk), Life force (prānaḥ), eyes (cakṣuḥ), ears (śrotram) to help us with Self-Realization and Actualization of Brahman.

Four essential attitudes for communicating properly – per Vedic agreements: (summarizes every communication course of modern age)

  1. satyam vadam: I speak only what I absolutely understand. Integrity. You speak what you are. Opposite: holding back, not saying what you truly want to say out of denial, fear of hurting or desire to manipulate. This is passive-aggressive.
  2. rutam vadam: I speak only what I have thoroughly investigated or researched I refuse to engage or add opinions about things I don’t have comprehensive knowledge of. Opposite: Narrow minded Opinions about something or someone just for sake of “having your say”.
  3. priyam vadam: Mindful satyam & rutam vadam. Attitude of how it is said and proper timing. Opposite: Telling a widow at the morgue that her dead husband is Mithya; an appearance made of matter and there is only Consciousness! This may hold some truth, but it’s totally inappropriate.
  4. hītam vadam: Engaging in conversation that leads to some learning. Attitude is from Judgemental TO Curious. This way, you ALWAYS LEARN something from another when you’re CURIOUS. Opposite: Chit-chat, entertainment. Or waiting for them to finish, so I can jump in (instead of asking a question that would lead to your learning and their: “What would you have to believe about __, to cause you think that way?“)

Then we proceed to official start of Bhagavad Gītā chapter 2 – when Lord Śri Kṛṣṇa begins advising Arjuna (spiritual seeker) how to get out of the confusion about reality, oneself, world, God… and see Reality AS IT IS – instead of ignorantly seeing it as Arjuna does.

At end (1:24h), we have a spontaneous informative FAQ discussion on application of Karma Yoga and a reality-check about Enlightenment (not all rosy as some believe).

Download visual mind map of this session.

15 May 2018

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