Without a Second, the Final Conclusion

In previous discussion, it was shown that those who know not the truth, seeing themselves a separate entity from the whole, even if sincerely religious and God-believer — are still bound to the process of death and rebirth.

Each new life in a body, to bear the inner angst of separation — they compensate by living in a manageable customized version of truth, believing it to be THE TRUTH.

Worry not about such members of the society even if close family ties, for destiny ultimately takes each individual to the non-contradictory Truth. Some go through zig-zags. Some arrive to it effortlessly owing to meritorious past deeds (punyam).

We finally come to the conclusion of this discourse between three initially skeptical students and the acharya

Student asks, “Without a Second (non-duality) by your definition gives the world an apparent existence. One can see it, touch it, feel it. Yet one lives untouched by it, because in essence it has no real existence. It seems to me that it (advaita) lacks spirit to live a life. Tasteless and insipid. It takes the joy out of living!

On the contrary, Without a Second makes life so extraordinary. So fresh.

Knowing there is just One Existent, One Eternal Consciousness performing different roles.

The I-sense, knower, body and mind, names, forms, both animate and inanimate. An infinite variety. A divine entertainment appearing as the many, as it were.

Illumining my mind, breathing it with life, making it aware of the world.

It is the universal life of our (individual) life. The eye of our eye.

What greater wonder can you expect seeing things just as they are, with neither fancy, nor spiritual romanticism.

Having the capacity to look and admire it's works, it's immense power.

Free from psychological shackles, there is no more self-non-acceptance.

Before this vision, being an emotional dwarf, I shrank from people. Cocooned in a shroud of low self-esteem. Inhibited. Self-doubting.

Dwelling in anguish.

Killing time by reading and interpreting other's body language and words.

These made me a seeker of varied experiences.

I hoped for respite, a certain peace of mind.

Drowning my cares in haze filled moments.

Little did I know such joy existed as the knowledge that I am the Limitless One.

I am the Limitless Consciousness. All-Pervading Existence. Cause of the universe.

I feel as though a burden has vanished from my heart.

In spite of my body and mind, in spite of the pains of the world, my spirit soars like a bird in flight.

I look around with wonder filled eyes.

Carefree joyful innocence as a child.

A feeling of love, of compassion for every living creature, every single being.

Enveloping them in loving embrace, their highs and lows, their joys and pains.

Aware they are not different from me, yet I am untouched. I am free, alert, impartial observer of the world.

I did not know nor hoped to see the wonders the lie before me. Every moment an eternity…

I live, dwell in it wholeheartedly with no thought of past or future.

The now is all that matters, seeing the world as it is.

Accepting realities without judgement or prejudice.

No longer does my memory impede… projecting, superimposing from it's files, creating a rift between me and the world.

I see clearly the miracle of reality of life and its many splendors with liquid crystal eyes.

When your life reflects the Truth, when every breath and being echo the words “You are That (tat tvam asi)”, the same wonder will be yours.

Thereafter we can share our joy with the world, until like bubbles to the Ocean, we merge into the Limitless One.

Although in truth, there is neither merging nor emerging, for we are the same.

It is a matter of definite knowing. There is no coming or going.

I am One with the One in each and every way.

Never apart. I (body-mind) never really was. Nothing ever happened. It was all an appearance.

Now I have woken from this dream.

Oh, what a wonder! I can truly see.

There is no world, nobody… nothing other then me.

I know now that everything is the One's maya appearing.

The mind relaxes in this knowing.

Ego's games I watch, smiling silently.

Aware that it has lost its hold on me for ever more, as firm is the understanding.

All is just the One. Dearly beloved. Eternal spirit.


As the teacher concluded his last words, a quiet stillness greet his words.

Voices, questions, doubts – silenced for the moment. A wave, a nod to the mysterious man. The students left the room promising to meet again.


  1. I am appreciative of your efforts to produce these teachings and that you have made them available to all at no cost.

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