In previous debate, it was suggested that everyone has already glimpsed wholeness. A feeling of home-coming. A sense of completeness. “I don't want anything to be different right now”.

Warm. Secure. Safe.

Nothing was missing in that moment.

Maybe it was in childhood. First love. Major breakthrough. A discovery perhaps.

Then the seeker starts hearing questionable statements like, “The truth is nothing-ness. Emptiness. A void“.

While we won't go into the philosophical depth of such statements due to word semantics and need to discuss Indian 6-schools of Philosophy — Vedanta makes no such statements. Rather affirms the aforementioned wholeness we're already somewhat familiar with.

If you experience wholeness and I experience wholeness — then our experience can't be different. Because “wholeness” means WHOLE, COMPLETE.

There's no such thing as two versions of WHOLE — because WHOLE doesn't exclude anything from itself.

If there's two Truth's — then they both limit each other — thus neither are correct because they're both incomplete in reference to each other.

That's why we say the Truth is One. The Limitless One is the Truth. And you, the individual, cannot be apart from THAT.

If you were apart from the WHOLE, then from what OTHER existence did you come?

Sounds silly, doesn't it. I came from existence number One — only to pray, chant, study scriptures, do rituals, listen to teachers — so I may merge with existence number Two in the future.

Furthermore, if you weren't already the WHOLE, that means your existence was created by God in time.

If God relies on time to create — then how did He know when to create the universe before time came?

If also means Lord had desire to create something new. Which makes Him finite and unhappy even now, since new entities are constantly being created.

Contradictions from dualistic thinking are endless.

Nevertheless, fellow student challenges this understanding, “If the Limitless One and you (the individual) are the same, then where is the question of grace? Who gives the blessings and who receives them?  Your logic of Oneness has dried up Her very spirit. Seems to me you have no divine muse. You can never imagine the lofty heights a MYSTIC EXPERIENCE can bring… leaving us longing for more God's love and His bliss. Despite your protests, I still think ‘One without a second' makes you proud to the point of arrogance.

There is no pride in declaring a FACT, the truth.

If I say ‘two plus two is four' and refuse to alter my stand — does that make me arrogant?

Arrogance arises from an alienated ego, alienated from the Limitless One… the WHOLE.

In our previous dialogues, I've already explained the difference between real (satya) and dependent-real (mithya).

Conclusion was, there can be just One real, Limitless Consciousness. While the manifest world and individuals are understood as apparent (mithya).

Wherever there is mithya, that's exactly where satyam is.

Meaning the truth of this apparent person is also satyam.

Thus ‘I', being identical with Limitless Consciousness, is appreciated as the cause of the universe.

By stating a fact, as incredible as it sounds to those who don't know, how can it make me arrogant?

As for your mystic-experiences, it makes a wonderful reading.

Their content however is incomplete — no matter how poetic.

How can tales of others mystical experiences help you in knowing yourself as the Limitless Whole right now?

Absolute Truth has an independent beauty. It needs no mystical experience, by a finite individual, to validate it.

If Truth was an experience obtainable in the future — then how will you know you've obtained it — since there's no knowledge of it right now?

If I have no existing knowledge of what mangosteen, dragonfruit, durian and guava taste like — then how will I ever know whether I'm tasting a durian or guava? A magnosteen or dragonfruit?

Even if four are tasted, there is even more anxiety because I have four additional informations to reconcile.

And when it comes to states of mind — it's unsurprising that majority seekers are enmeshed in attempting to reconcile ephemeral highs.

In absence of Truth, we only have words shrouded with an aroma of wisdom. They capture souls yearning for experiences beyond the common and ordinary.

This is why finding the right teacher and having a mature mind to understand the knowledge of self — requires a great deal of grace earned through prayers and actions.

‘Prayers' means what we ask for on a consistent basis. If one is asking (praying) for mystical-experiences, that too shall be given in time.

‘Actions' is what we follow-up on from our prayers.

Grace bestows us desire and means to know the truth of ourselves that we are both the blesser and the blessed. Our choices alone bless us.

Hence our present good future are results from grace earned in the past.

By our involvement in the methodology expounded by the teacher of the scriptures — it removes layer upon layer our not-knowing-ness of the Truth.  Revealing an ever present Reality.

Assimilated knowledge brings with it compassion, caring and consideration. A genuine connection with rest of the world — abiding in the reality that all that is here is One without a Second.

With such a vision, how can we dislike and have prejudices and be concerned with yours-mine?

Seeking freedom from bondage must give way to seeking knowledge. Because freedom means knowledge of the Truth.

And yes, I've heard the protest by romantics putting experience above knoweldge, “Knowledge lacks a soul. It's dry“. However I would not change it for a world of good sounding poetic verses.

However if you meant by using word “experience”, a total assimilation of truth — then I have no contention with your choice of words.

Except that the word “experience” can convey something different. It could make your listeners pursue various techniques in search of eternal bliss — without even understanding the meaning of “eternal” nor “bliss”.

For this reason, we keep emphasizing role of knowledge in understanding the Truth of ‘I', as Limitless Consciousness.


In next conversation, student will ask what's the point of prayers and rituals if we are already one with God?

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