What Causes Projection or Ignorance? – Part 21


In previous part 20, we demonstrated how superimposition produces a genuine response in the world.

Despite the value-neutral status of rope, the victim jumps in fear, mistaking it as a snake.

Thereafter, whatever conclusions the victim makes are based on a false projection.

Victim will even write a story and post it on social media. If it's captivating enough, story is shared by thousands through the decades.

Some stories even turn into a New York Times Best Seller, read by millions. Passing it on to the next generation.

In course of time, one's false projection has become the new-normal in society.

Ignorance indeed is most contagious. Beginningless.

But what causes ignorance? This is students next inquiry, “Why do we project? What is the cause of the many superimpositions?”

” Partial knowledge and partial ignorance are the causes for our projections.

If there is total ignorance, no projection is possible.

When you know a certain ‘something' IS, but do not know exactly what it is. This is the point where error occurs.

The ‘something' is the base for projections to take place.

The rope was the base. Snake, a projection.

If we look at ourselves unwittingly, we commit this mistake.

For example, what is this upon first glance…


Suppose it's a cowboy looking to the right, then you superimposed the grandma on the cowboy. And vice-verse if the base is grandma, but you projected the cowboy.

When amplified to daily circumstances, projection is a fatal flaw that binds us to the never ending loop of life.

From total freedom to bondage, from light into darkness — is just a step away from knowledge into a world of not-knowing-ness.

We do not know who or what we are.

I know that I am, that I exist, that I am a conscious being.

But I do not know I am Limitless Consciousness – identifying with my physical-mental self.

I am the body-mind, and the body-mind is I.

This is the beginingless misapprehension of our identity.

We take the subject (consciousness) as an object (body-mind). And the object as the subject.

Scientists are in the same boat, attempting to understand consciousness, as though it's an object of thesis.

We take the real as the dependent. And the dependent as the real.

In all cases, our not-knowingess limits the Limitless.

A potent mixture of knowledge and ignorance is indeed the cause of all projections.

For example…

We label ourselves to suit the body-mind status.

I am fat, thin, tall, short.

I am happy, sad, angry, calm.

I am successful, a failure.

All false identities!

Maya's two-fold power is at work.

Veiling the truth and projecting the empirical world of duality.

Mesmerizing by it's magic, we take the world to be real.

Until serendipity; we cross path with a sage, a master who opens our eyes to what is real and what is not. “


Conversation continues in part 22, naturally student is going to ask about nature of māyā's projecting power…


  1. Hi,

    My question is ” When a person mistakes a rope by snake, he already has to have the prior knowledge of the snake to mistake it as snake. He could have mistake with other form as well but as he had prior knowledge of snake that’s why he mistook it as snake only. Now the question is when we mistake the Brahman as the universe or mistake the true me as body and mind or whatever the illusion we have, do we have a prior knowledge of it?”.


    1. Yes, we always have knowledge of absolute truth, but it’s mixed with falsehood. No such thing as “total ignorance”. Because our knowledge is mixed up, the entire pursuit is to remove the confusion and come closer to a place of clarity about myself, world and God.

  2. Now who is mistaking the rope for a snake?

    If that person has absolute knowledge always, how can that be mixed with falsehood?

    You are saying that sun light is mixed with darkness. This is impossible.

    A person thinks it is snake because he has a defect either internal and external.
    That defect has to be real. That cannot coexist with absokute knowledge.

    Person who is seeing is already all knowing person how can he make a mistake?

    Who is this person actually?
    He is a result of a defect or avidya or illusion of ultimate only one knowledge called Brahman.

    Now the question continues that

  3. Falsehood of snake is ture when he perceive it on the rope. At that time and place rope is contradictory to snake.
    Thus Falsehood snake occurred, because he saw real snake yesterday in a pit.
    That snake is still there in the pit but ij s different place to rope as what he sees.

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