Reality of Maya’s Superimposition – Part 20


In previous part 19, we've established that a superimposition is when name-form is projected onto an unchanging base.

For example…

Ring has a name called “r-i-n-g”. It also has a form.

Thus, the ring is a name-form superimposed on it's base, the gold, from which it's made of.


Ring is only a superimposition from standpoint of name-form.

How can you call it “ring” or “bangle” from the standpoint of gold!

Gold is the only reality, wherein even concept of superimposition is negated.

So in truth, there is no superimposition. No ‘nesses' projected onto a base.

This is the great irony…

Our Upanishads teach us about superimposition or māyā. Then upon gaining clarity of their wisdom, we come to understand there is no superimposition.

Coming back to the three students who are still intently listening…

They are not completely convinced. Because superimposition contradicts their world experience which feels very real.

Let's see what happens…

“How do you call it a superimposition? I can see it, feel it and use it. Yet you negate it. As though, equating this world to a magic trick?”

” It is like a rope-snake.

Did you not react in fear, sweating and shaking, was it not real?

Snake-ness you superimposed on what was just a rope, a non-snake.

The snake was purely subjective since you were its only witness.

But it did make you jump despite it being non-existent. In that sense it had a reality, although only for you.

Meaning the snake is, as though, real for you. But it's status is dependent on the rope, the base.

So while the snake projection lasts – we call it “dependent-real” or mithya.

However upon knowledge of the rope, the snake disappears. It is falsified with knowledge of the base.

Whereas a tree, also a dependent-real, is perceived by everyone. And it serves the general world, a world of transaction.

Despite it's usefulness, the tree-ness like other ‘nesses' of the world – is a superimposition on is-ness, which is Consciousness.

Meaning the world of infinite objects, including my body and mind, has a definite name-form and purpose.

Being mithya, a dependent-reality, the world is a superimposition on Limitless Existence Consciousness (satchitananda). ”


Conversation continues in part 21, curiosity sparking, student asks what is the cause of projection or superimposition of the world…

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