Does World Disappear Upon Advaita Vision? – Part 18


In previous part 17, we saw that even though Limitless One is the cause of the universe, it is not involved in the creation, sustenance nor destruction of the world.

No different to how the conscious subject in bed, remains free of whatever happens in the dream world.

If one person out of, suppose 8 billion, dies in the dream, it doesn't affect the conscious subject in bed.

Meaning the entire dream of MANY people and objects, has it's reality in the ONE conscious subject, who isn't doing anything for the dream to take place.

At this point, one of the three student's curiosity has sparked. So he asks what happens to the “dream world” when knowledge takes place…

“Just as ignorance disappears with presence of knowledge, does the world vanish once we have fully understood the truth of ‘I' is the One Limitless Existence Consciousness?”

” No, it does not.

If we look at particles, they offer excellent examples.

Every object, every person is a mass of atoms. But we take forms as tangible… something solid and palpable.

While in fact they are nothing more than invisible particles… atomic dust.

Yet despite what science has proved to us, we continue to transact with the universe.

Knowing the facts, we don't begin calling our spouse or parents, “sub-atomic particles”.


Despite having full knowledge that both lines are equal length, we still perceive one shorter.

And despite saying the sun rises and falls, we know it is the the earth that rotates and revolves.

The same is true for the world appearances.

We all start out, taking this existence as real, permanent and with substance.

And even after we understand it's level of realness being mithya only — the world will not disappear. It will continue in it's mithya state.

However it will not bind us. We will know it for what it is — a dependent-reality.

The entire world is superimposed — projected by our not-knowing-ness.

Superimposed on what?

The One Limitless Existence All-Pervading Consciousness (satchitananda) – which is the same in essence as the knower, the self.  ”


Conversation continues in part 19, where student's attention goes on word “superimposition”.

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