In previous part 16, we saw that the all-pervading One (Isvara) is both creator and creation.

Just like a spider which spins the web, drawing silk from within itself – in same way, the Limitless One (Isvara) draws from it's own maya power, all the material and intelligence needed for the world (jagat) to take place.

However the spider analogy has created confusion in listener's mind. It gives an impression that Limitless One is an active doer, a builder with desires…

Student says, “A spider spins the web because it is limited in food supply. Person creates wealth for security. Therefore creation of world implies the creator is limited. If like the spider, the One spins, then it cannot be limitless nor real.”

” The world is a manifestation, rather than a creation.

The All-Pervading One does not change nor perform any work. Meaning it is not involved in manifesting the world.

In other words…

Out of itself, without will or action, the universe is projected – thus imbued with the nature of the One, being conscious existence.

We need language to communicate. Verbs are a must which we cannot do without.

For example…

The way you brought out your dreams, which verb should I use to explain them?

While you slept, you were unaware of your mind's mental stories.

And then…

With no wilful action on your part – the unconscious set free the mind's memories.

The mind's stories were unwinding and replaying their contents inside your dream.

This took place without your intervention. You didn't even choose what memories are to project.

The dream world started, changed and ended without you taking any part in this process.

All the while, you were the base, the locus for the dreams to take place.

You did absolutely nothing. You were the same familiar conscious existence – an awareful subject in which the dreams expressed.

That same familiar awareful subject continued upon waking.

The same is true of the Limitless One. Remaining as it is without a change in itself.

The One doesn't undergo an increase, decrease nor metamorphosis of it's nature – even while the manifestation is taking place.

It is both creator and creation, manifest as the world.

It is the screen on which the world cinema is projected. Without a screen, there can be no movie.

It is the support of all that our body or mind experiences.

Just like how the ocean is the support for all the bubbles, froth and waves. The ocean is the base of their existence.

The entire universe, a dependent-reality, has it's source, it's very being – in the One All-Pervading. “

Student continues, “Why do you use the term ‘without a second', since everything is reduced to a single conscious subject. Why not call it one? “

” It is one without a two.

It we pause to think what ‘one' means, we will find it is elusive. Vague. Even deceptive.

For instance, we look at one wall. But in reality it's made of many bricks.

And a single brick has numerous grains of sand. Each grain of sand has millions of particles.

Thus what we term as ‘one', is really just for sake of convenience in speech.

Is it really one cloud in the sky? Or is it a constitution of many water vapor droplets. Or is it countless H2O atoms? Or numerous sub-atomic particles? Or quarks?

Therefore ‘one' generally refers to appearance made up of many components.

That is why in the relative world of opposites, of dualities, of many – we call Truth ‘Without a Second' (advaita).

The Truth pervades this universe of names and forms. Yet remains free of them.

Just how you remain free of the dream-drama. If there is a murder in the dream, we don't turn ourselves to the police station upon waking.

The dream-world is mithya (dependent-reality). And you (satyam; independent-reality) are always free of the dream no matter how many times it reoccurs.

Every person and object in the dream is not separate from it's Truth, which is you.

Therefore there is only one satyam. Rest is mithya.

Meaning, Truth is neither one nor two.

Truth is the only existent non-dual reality – without a second.

The whole dream-world is pervaded by the One without a second.


Conversation continues in part 18, where student asks whether the world disappears after Truth is known to the person.

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  1. Vaidy Bala on August 16, 2021 at 8:09 am

    The use of words is certainly limits a deep perception. We come to opposites no matter where we turn and or return. Whereas in pure awareness there Is only a witness, not doing anything.

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